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    Owners Manual

    Does anyone take the time to read the owner's manual that comes with a gun (if available)? First off, you paid for it and sometimes there are some surprises. From my (foggy) memory, Kimber tells you to dry fire their 1911 pistols instead of easing the hammer down with your thumb. I remember Ruger saying you could load their P-Series pistols from the magazine or directly inserting a live round into the chamber and letting the slide go from the release. My favorite is when Marlin calls their .22 magazine a "CLIP".

    What are some more tidbits you can remember? Let's keep this fun, please. john

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    I generally read all my manuals.

    I got a kick out of the fact that Auto Ordnance lists the condition codes for the 1911 incorrectly.

    Click on Picture to Enlarge.

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    Owner's manual? Guys are supposed to throw those and any instructions away once the box is opened aren't they? Seldom read owner's manuals, but I keep 'em just in case. I keep armorer's manuals on CD though.

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    As an NRA instructor, we always instruct all firearm owners to read the manual before shooting. Every firearm is different and function differently. Reading the manual allows you to familiarize yourself with the basic operation of the firearm. Of course, "hands on" shooting is the best way to become familiar with its complete operation. "Always read the manual before shooting the first time".
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    I only read the instructions printed in English now. I tried to read the Germany and Czech, but I didn't get a thing out of it! I do keep all the manuals though.

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    I do, only 'cause I know Murphy reads them and I don't want him knowing more than me.
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    Yup, I generally read them so that I am not surprised by anything when it comes time to disassemble or reassemble. Of course, I do not read if it is a duplicate of what I already have (I would not read the manual for a Springfield 1911 because I already have one and am quite familiar with the standard Series 70 style of 1911. I would, however, read the manual for a Colt Series 80 1911 because I do not have a Series 80 and would not want it to cause me any headaches because I was unfamiliar with this particular safety feature).

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    I read them just so I won't get surprised by something.

    However, I sure wish they would actually put some useful information in them for a change.

    Most of them are pitiful.
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    Yes, I usually read the manual at least once but skip 2/3 of the safety instructions and disclaimers. Then I file it for safe keeping. When and if I sell a gun, I try to make sure to sell it with the original case, any tools, accessories and the instruction manual.

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    I read part of the manual on a Ruger Mk II one time. Other than that I don't throw them away, but I don't read them.


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    I always read through the manual. No exceptions.

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    I thought they were just in there for packing material!

    Jus' kiddin'.

    Quote Originally Posted by aus71383 View Post
    I read part of the manual on a Ruger Mk II one time. Other than that I don't throw them away, but I don't read them. Austin
    Yeah, to figure out how to take the darn thing down I'll bet!
    Been there done that. It's one of the most convoluted exercises in field stripping I've ever seen. Love the pistol though.
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    I skip past the 47 pages of over-lawyered OH MY GOD WHAT WERE YOU THINKING THIS IS A FREAKIN' GUN FER CRYIN' OUT LOUD YOU'LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT KID!!!!!! and look at the diagram of the controls, the field-strip and reassembly instructions, and the exploded view.

    Then I tuck it away in the box, download a PDF version of it onto my computer, and never look at it again.

    P.S. Oh, yeah, the PDF of the Ruger Mk.III is on my laptop every time I clean the blasted thing.
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