Fired 70 rounds through my demo model of the Phantom 556 Stainless QD suppressor.

Supposed to be rated for a 36 dB reduction in sound signature. I didn't have a meter with me but it's definitely hearing safe.

Shot it on my 16 inch AR15 with YHM Phantom QD flash suppressor mount. Ammo was a mix of 64gr PP and 69gr SMK with Varget (25gr) handloads. It was about 25 degrees outside. Using a standard front sight base and PRI gas buster charging handle, we experienced no "gas face", which is common with suppressed ARs. "Gas face" is when the gas that the backpressure created from the suppressor leaks out the charging handle and into the shooter's face. The gas buster handle is supposed to eliminate this. Some say it will still kick gas by, but our glasses contained no gas residue on them at all. Calm wind, stock assembly was fully extended for my machinist and I shoot two clicks out. Neither of us were hit with gas or blow by.

My R&D machinist and I ran a few moving drills with commands. When the shot was being fired we could hear the other one at 10y with a normal voice volume.

We didn't have targets to test accuracy, so that will come later when I get the rings in to scope it and get it on paper, noting POI shifts, etc. We were just gunning into the woods.

Retail price on these suppressors is $595 from most Class 3 SOT dealers. I got this one as a baseline for my suppressor lineup (I'm a Class 2 manufacturer) to be tested against, so this one isn't for sale, even though I got it for a steal from YHM. My YHM Cobra .45 pistol suppressor will be here on Wednesday. Thursday I will have another review for you guys on that one. Stay tuned. I'll update this thread with accuracy figures when my scope rings get here.