My Week In the Gun World and My Wife's Hunt for A New Carry Gun

My Week In the Gun World and My Wife's Hunt for A New Carry Gun

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Thread: My Week In the Gun World and My Wife's Hunt for A New Carry Gun

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    My Week In the Gun World and My Wife's Hunt for A New Carry Gun

    My week in the gun world and my wife’s hunt for a new carry gun. My wife has been giving me a headache about her S&W model 36. She wants to change out the gun for something else, don’t know why, just wants too. She has carried the model 36 for 12 years. It is setup great, bobbed trigger, trigger job, and is parkarised. So last Sunday I go to the gun safe and start pulling out guns. I take out several guns (Glock, S&W, Beretta, Colt, Kel Tec) autos only to show her. She like the Kel Tec P-11. Well this is the start of the "hunt for a second P-11".

    New Second P-11 Found.

    Monday morning at the office I remember that a co-worker has a P-11 that he got two years ago. I know the gun has never been fired and has two extra mags with it. This co-worker buys guns and never shoots them. I have gotten several Glocks from him that was all good deals. So over coffee I asked him if he still had the P11. He says "yes". I go "want to sale it". He goes, "how much you give me for it". I go, "$230.00". He goes, "$240.00". I throw the money on him, Deal done. I got me a second P11, new in the box with two extra mags, never fired. This is starting out to be easy.

    Get home with gun and my wife see it. Next thing I know she tells me it is her gun and we are going to range this weekend. I was going to give her the old P-11. In other words clean the gun, get lots of ammo and a new left hand holster A.S.A.P. But that's OK with me, this way she will leave my P3AT along. She took a hard look at it the day before.

    Range Report – Second P-11 and the Wife.

    Well here it is, the range report from my new second P-11 that I got the first of the week. Well here it goes, BORING, DULL!!!! Nothing went wrong. Nothing!!! The P-11 worked just like a Glock, perfect right out of the box. My wife shot 90 rounds through the gun and I shot 10. So 100 rounds of 20 years old 9mm FMJ ball ammo went through the gun without any problems.

    All I did to the gun was to give it a good cleaning and put grease on the rails before we went to the range. No F&B, nothing but a cleaning. Well what fun is that? No F&B to be done. The trigger started off heavy, but toward the end smoothed out.

    So I could not have a range day with a Kel Tec without something going wrong, like a FTF and/or FTE. I pulled out the P3AT from my back pocket and found three extra loaded mags in the range bag and gave them to my wife. I told my wife to shoot all four mags as fast as she can at center mass. Now I said to myself, “Now I will get me a FTF/FTE. Well four fast mags later, nothing. What luck, the P3AT did the same as the P-11.

    Well I could not have this, so I got the old first P-11 out and ran two mags down range as fast as I could. Nothing, just like the others. So my day on the range was BORING. No “tap, rack, bang” action drills, nothing. Just a day when every Kel Tec gun that came out of the range bag went bang, they did their job. Today my Kel Tec family acted like my Glock family, no problems.

    But the original problem has not been solved. Now the wife wants my P3AT, she likes it. But it cannot be that easy, she picked up the Glock 26 from the gun safe when I am cleaning the guns and she says she wants to take it to the range this next weekend. Next weekend, here I go again? Well come to think about it, I went through this 12 year ago when my wife wanted to change out her Beretta Jetfire to something new, the S&W model 36.
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    They appear to be kinda likes shoes, eh? Glad she's having fun with them! Good job.
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    Its nice she waited 12 years...and nice you had so many in the safe for her to choose from!


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    Ask her why she is suddenly so enthused about firearms? Could be she had an encounter that she is not mentioning to you.

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    My first pf9 would fte one out of 50rds..after a fluff and buff, it would jam after the 150th rd shot..just to find out the feed ramp was covered in gunk... Purchased a p32, fluff/buff and shot 50rds flawlessly..Gf enjoys shooting it and seems to pack enough heat to drop a bg.

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    If I had your problems I'd have no problems at all.

    At my house I have a wife who watched last weeks 60 Minutes expo and listened to Anderson Cooper talk _garbage_ about the Assault Weapon Ban to the seemingly equally uninformed/ignorant newly installed female Director of DHS about US (military!) weapons export to Mexico. As stated in so many words in the report and shown visually stuff like hand grenades, incendiary devices, automatic rifles, and belt fed machine guns.
    You know, stuff that has ZERO to do with the AWB and has been restricted since the NFA act of 1934, and that has never been available to Joe Blow citizen to buy at their leisure without major Federal govt. and state based expensive processing to which are on the whole in the less than 2K such persons total range. But hey who wants to quibble about little things like facts and factual reporting.

    My wife sat on the couch and commented that they should reinstate the assault weapon ban. I replied by asking her to tell me what is an 'assault weapon', exactly. Silence.
    I then said how can you be supportive of and fearful toward a word (!) which you don't even know the meaning of nor have any idea what are the facts in truth. More silence, and her faced flushed red.

    If my wife came to me weekly and said she wanted to try a gun of mine and then later decide to go out and get her own even if it might be an exact duplicate. You can bet I'd be happier than Marion Ross.

    - Janq
    "Killers who are not deterred by laws against murder are not going to be deterred by laws against guns. " - Robert A. Levy

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