Which Gun???

Which Gun???

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Thread: Which Gun???

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    Question Which Gun???

    OK Income tax time and I have decided on yet one more gun, a Springfield Amory XD-M...
    My primary is a HK USP .45 with 2 spare 12 round mags, this would be a BUG... Kind of big I know but as I am able to hide the HK just fine, this gun would be a JIC for those rare occasions I feel the need, or just want to carry something a little different...

    Now my dilemma, the .40 with 16+ 1 or the 9MM with 19+ 1...

    Gun prices are a close, (same gun different cal go figure). About 40-50 bucks less not an issue, the XD M .40 is a little cheaper to buy. However the ammo is more pricey, at the low end at least 4 bucks a box more than the same quantity of 9's, and during a SHTF ammo could be an issue, although the bullet energy of the .40 is far superior to the 9...

    The XD M 9 although it cost more ammo is more popular hence range time will be far more reasonable, and available, during a SHTF. Being a military caliber ammo could be found, although the 9 has less energy this gun has 3 more rounds per mag, could or would this offset the energy difference...

    Weighing all the + and - which gun... I am on the edge here and I know this forum is loaded with opinions..... Help me tip the balance, and no not both guns....
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    I would go with the 9mm and use quality ammo. With quality ammo both rounds are very close.


    However, where I am, in a SHTF situation .40 cal would be more readily available. Walmart has been out of 9mm and .45 for weeks however there is always a few boxes of .40 sitting there.


    Quote Originally Posted by atctimmy View Post
    If you really need it, you will need it really fast. ALWAYS one in the chamber.
    Nuf said!

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    9mm=Less $$$$ on ammo= More shooting=Better shot!
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    i chose .40 cal. I know the shots are going to be very similar and .40 is close to twice the cost of 9mm (at least around here), but .40 seems to be easier to find where I am too.

    Either way, you're going to have one fine gun!
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    It's gotta start with 4
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    I.d go with the .40 simply because I own a ruger sr9 and that is a high capacity 9mm, on a different note, I don't want to hijack this thread but I own a xd in 4" 45acp and want to get the newer version with the safety on the slide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by svgheartland View Post
    It's gotta start with 4
    +1....but I'm an XD hater, so....bash away
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    Go with the 9mm. Much cheaper to shoot and much easier to control. You also get 3 more rounds in the mag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2gunken View Post
    9mm=Less $$$$ on ammo= More shooting=Better shot!
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    Whichever one you get, you might consider buying extra mags soon.

    I've rode that fence myself and it was a long ride, so I'm no help on your question.

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    Since it primarily going to be relegated to BUG duty anyway, get the 9mm and get more range time. That being said, I know that you wouldn't be disappointed with the .40 S&W either. Got a fence to ride?
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    My choices would be between 9mm and .45...with .45 off the table, I'd go with the 9mm. Still an effective caliber and much cheaper for practice. OMO
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    I carry a G22, and recently had the chance to hold a XDm 40. The XD fit soooo much better in my hand. I like 9MM for target, but I think the 40 has better stopping power.
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    When the SHTF pull out the .45.

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