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Time to rename semi-automatics

This is a discussion on Time to rename semi-automatics within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by KenInColo And while we're at it, let's stop using the term high capacity magazines . They're not high capacity magazines, they're standard ...

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Thread: Time to rename semi-automatics

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    Quote Originally Posted by KenInColo View Post
    And while we're at it, let's stop using the term high capacity magazines.

    They're not high capacity magazines, they're standard capacity magazines as opposed to the restricted capacity (10 rnd max) magazines required in places like California.
    +1 I hate to here the term hi-cap.
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    Like the idea. I my self have referred to automatic rifles and pistols as "auto-loading."

    But let's try and stay away from sea-kittens shall we.

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    For a few years now, I've referred to bayonets as "close proximity aiming devices"
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    I believe you are on to something
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    Hard call. Pistols are referred to as semi automatic handguns, yet the technical industry term is "Pistol"

    The anti's have already jumped on the word "Replica". Efficient could come back to bight us in the butt, as well as "auto-loading (still has the word "Auto").

    Shrouds and forward hand guards/pistol grips could be referred to Personal Protective Equipment - PPE - so the hands of the sportsman do not get burned.

    Pistol grip stocks and thumb hole stocks should be called "Ergonomic Design".

    Black colored is a hard one to get around other than industry standard.

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    Interesting idea.

    Modern single-shot.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowsbane View Post
    They are going to try to ban whatever they want. Regardless of a name.
    Yes, of course they will. Playing the game with "them" isn't a bad thing. Playing it poorly or refusing to play at all is what ends up badly.

    These groups want to limit what you can do. The only way to win, is to not play.
    Disagree. The wonderful strategy of non-playing (ie, apathy) has only left one player standing, and that player (the anti-gunner politician) then gets free rein to implement any sort of illegal or unconstitutional act without resistance. That hasn't worked very well. The only times great change has occurred is when great resistance has been given.

    Semi automatic is what these weapons are, they are not single shots, and calling them that can help the antigunners ...
    Help the anti-gunners? How so?

    Reality is, magazines keep loose bullets from going everywhere and provide convenient storage until needed. Reality is, second or subsequent shots are very often required in self-defense situations. It's the whole point of having more than one bullet ready to go. But then, we all know this.

    Disallowing any more than a single bullet on any person would be like requiring any potential victim to toss one's weapon down immediately following the first swing (or toss, or firing). Lunacy.

    If it is a single shot, why do you need a barrel shroud ...
    They're useful for keeping hands from getting burned. As is the forestock on any rifle. Shoot more than one round a minute and you end up with a pretty hot barrel in short order.

    ... or a compensator?
    To aid in accuracy; to reduce recoil. Not to turn the gun into a murderer's weapon, as anti-gunners would have people believe.

    In short: only silence and apathy help anti-gunners. Fighting with every tool we've got, and fighting intelligently against the clever "lack" of intelligence displayed by anti-gunners is about all that will work.
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    dose sound like an oxymoron thought dose'nt it. kinda like jumbo shrimp.
    or a semi-truck,i thought they we're a whole truck,like half the truck is missing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paramedic70002 View Post
    Since the media and government officials can't seem to figure out the difference between semi and fully automatic firearms, I submit the following.

    Semi-automatic firearms shall hereafter be known as modern single shot firearms. This is due to the fact that a single shot is fired with each pull of the trigger. All manufacturers and retailers should immediately begin using the new nomenclature. Press releases should tout the responsibility of these businesses to stop selling assault rifles, and switching to the new, safe, public and police friendly firearms.

    Never mind that the term 'single shot' actually refers to a whole different class of weapons. This is not important. We will refer to these firearms as 'classic' or 'antique' or 'primitive' or 'early' single shot weapons. Branding is the issue here. More than one PR nightmare has been solved by rebranding.

    When the media or a politician talks about automatic weapons, we can say, "No, no, that's not what we have. We have sigle shot firearms. They are talking about weapons that were banned in 1986, 23 years ago!"

    Simply Brilliant!
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    Why can't start calling self loading firearms with detachable magazines "freedoms" and magazines "liberties" and pistol grip stocks "personal choice"? All bayonet lugs and muzzle devices could be called "sea puppies"
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    Quote Originally Posted by KenInColo View Post
    And while we're at it, let's stop using the term high capacity magazines.
    OLD: Hi-Capacity Magazine
    NEW: Defensive Capacity Magazine

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    I don't know what the issue is. All my weapons are fully manual, they don't fire unless I pull the trigger. The only automatic weapons I know of are military, and I don't think they even fire on their own.

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