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Bad Instant Background Check

This is a discussion on Bad Instant Background Check within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by QKShooter He sneezed at the wrong time and because of that you now have to wait? Sue him. You could probably win ...

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Thread: Bad Instant Background Check

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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post
    He sneezed at the wrong time and because of that you now have to wait?
    Sue him.
    You could probably win big money in court with a good lawyer on your side.
    I didn't know they made them!

    ** to all the lawyer on the forum, jk **

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    Quote Originally Posted by dr_cmg View Post
    How much does it cost to renew? If the new system is worth more to you than the renewal cost renew now.
    Wish I could but the law doesn't allow renewal until your current permit expires. And no, replacement permits don't apply. Bummer. The bad thing is, for some reason I get delayed every time.

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    Since you are not going through NICS I don't know if a Unique Personal Identification Number (UPIN) would help, but you could ask it is recoginized. If it is get and app and apply for one. It requires the dealer to spend a few more minutes on the phone, but eliminates the delays or denied apps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sigpack View Post
    Kentucky passed the same law only they said you had to have a permit dated after the law was passed. ***? So I had just gotten mine renewed and now I have to wait until 2011 to get another renewal for this to kick in. Politicians.
    Sig, when did this law pass or go into effect? I was not aware of it.


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    I get delayed EVERY time I have the 'instant check' performed......sometimes it's as few as 45 minutes, but on occasion I have had to come back the next day.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by farronwolf View Post
    Glad I don't have to go through the NICS check any more. Once you get your CHL in Texas, the don't do the check. Just fill out the 4473, sign it and your on your way.
    I'm with farronwolf on this ,it's great not having to wait anymore
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    Interesting topic,

    The only problem I've had with buying any firearm was a few years ago. I filled out all the paperwork and the background check came back good and I was out the door with new gun... About a month later I got a letter in the mail from the store I bought it from with a copy of the form I filled out and a note asking me to mark where it says "foreign country" on the birthplace section, and send it back to them!?!

    I was born in Guam, which is not a foreign country! So I called the store manager at Scheels to talk to her about it. I told her that Guam was US territory and has been for quite some time now and we cleared it up. I did send the letter back along with a Wikipedia print out about Guam to educate them about the area. The store is right next to a military base so I'm sure they're going to run into someone else who was born there sooner or later.
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    I was delayed at the gun show for both of my last purchases. The last one I made, I used my CHP as one of my two IDs because, Number 1, I had thought about buying two pistols (one gun a month does not apply to CHP holders) and Number 2, I thought it would prevent being delayed(it didn't). All I can figure, is that my mailing address is a Dinwiddie post office, but my house is actually in Amelia. This might raise a flag with the check. I keep meaning to stop by the state police office at one of the shows and ask if they know why I keep being delayed, but I have not done it yet.

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    well I have the same problem every time i go to buy a weapon. only pistols though rifles seem to go right through I can't figure it out.

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