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Thread: I'm sorry, it was priced right

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    Red face I'm sorry, it was priced right

    I went and did something wrong.

    I foremost apologize to everyone. I said that I prob. wouldn't ever do a thing like this. I never did say never, I just said that I prob. wouldn't.

    But I went to the shooting range here in Eugene. I paid for my locker fees. I did the wrong thing and started to look around. That was a big No-No.

    I just wanted to look at the new XD-45, I swear. I did look at it, I liked it, but it is a gun for another day because I promised myself to get the Sistema (if I can find it) first if I got another .45 (or when should be the key word).

    Well, I went over to the used gun case. I knew that I shouldn't because I end up either getting something or putting something on lay-a-way or coming home and thinking about it and then going back and putting it on lay-a-way.

    Well, there I was, looking down into the case and I see it. It's ugly as sin and to top it off it's made by funny talking people. In a small country that I can't even spell correctly.

    I felt the pull of the Seth, I swear to my cat georgia on that one. The dark side was a-calling and I am such a weak fool. WEAK I tells ya. I handled it, it felt weird but not that weird. The sights aligned quickly and for something that holds 13 cartriages, 14 if you count the one in the chamber, in this caliber, without the grip feeling like it's huge, was a plus. Fourteen rounds of this sized cartriage... wow. Yeah, I know it's not a 10mm or a .45 but still, it's a good round.

    Now, I will be honest with you, I sure in the heck wouldn't have even thunk it if it didn't have the price that it did. For a used gun it was in about 96% shape. Nothing major but you could start to see the wear on the blueing but it didn't really JUMP out at you but you could tell after looking it over with a critical eye. For used, it was in fine enough shape for me.

    So, against the howls and screams from many of the "bashers" of this type of weapons system, I put it on lay-a-way. Sure, it's only $295 (plus $10 for NICS) but I didn't have the full amount this payday.

    I can't believe that I just did what I did, I put a ..... opps, gotta go, phone.

    Glock Model 23 .40 on lay-a-way.

    *and yes Bruce, I know it's not a .45 (but still begains with a 4 and I know that the XD is a good pistol, but it just pulled at me I tells ya, it just pulled

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    I'm about to go look at, by appointment, an M1 carbine I should not even be considering that I will probably put a deposit on. This after telling myself no more guns until June. And it's not even a particularly great deal.

    We all fall victim sometimes.

    You are forgiven.

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    Congrats on the new pistola

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    Thumbs up

    The Glock 23 is a fine choice and a dang good price I might add.

    I had one for a short while and the fellow I sold it it to, who is normally more into revolvers than pistols, loves it.

    Also that caliber and size of pistol make a great package.

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    Great choice. I've had a G23 for 11 years, and its been my primary carry weapon since I got my CHL. It has a nice worn, broken in look to it.
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    Wayne - all you have is the ''need weakness' - and we all have suffered it.

    In my case more times that I will admit to LOL!

    Sounds like one very nice deal and well - how could you (possibly) turn that one down. I mean - you owed it to yourself

    Oh happy day eh
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    You done good man! Don't listen to those Glock bashers, I know them, I kinda am one myself and I still bought a Glock! Figure that one out????

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    Me, CZMAN, bought a G23 last week and love it! My first Glock! I was ashamed too until I took it to the range two days after I bought it. You can't argue with what works!
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