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Worst recoil you have experienced?

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Thread: Worst recoil you have experienced?

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    12 ga 3 1/2 turkey loads, did a pattern check, by the 3rd shot, I could not hit the paper.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chevyguy85 View Post
    don't know what glock it is as i'm not a glock devotee but it was the glock sub compact in .40 cal....
    That would be the G27.

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    full house .44 magnum loads in a single action ruger. My hand felt like I had punched a steel pole after shooting half a box (10 rounds)

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    My Marlin 450 lever action is the worst I have felt so far for the rifle and the Desert Eagle 50 cal pistol. It carries a nice punch.

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    Kind of a toss up between a .338 Winchester mag and .444 Marlin. I think the Winchester would be the winner though.

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    A 470 or 478 , and a 600 caliber ... they were elephant rifles. Either one will nearly put you on your rear unless you are really ready and know how to stand, etc. Even then, you won't want to shoot too many rounds of them. They were owned by a guy I worked with from So. Africa. The 4xx was for more mutilple firing (back up gun) if the guy with the 600 missed or just injured what was sure to be one really ticked off elephant.

    There's also a 9.3 mm... but never got to shoot one... YET !!

    Handguns; 44 mag ....

    Next to that, a airlight .357.... not enough gun for the kick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ErikGr7 View Post
    Worst recoil you have experienced?

    I am sure others have been through far worse
    than me but.. my two are..

    1. Shooting a single shot shotgun with no recoil pad
    in a t-shirt. Shotgun was so light it kicked like a mule.

    2. Taurus ultra light snubbie with .357 loads after 6
    shots I tore some skin off my thumb.
    I found most polymer framed revolvers, namely the
    S&W Air light .38 to have quite a kick to them. For this reason and only this reason, for now I only shoot well balanced well made semi-automatic pistols.
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    Some super-hot-loaded 8mm out of my Turk Mauser. To date I still have no idea where those rounds came from (picked up as cheap surplus in a local gun store), but those are the only rounds I've ever fired that made me not want to shoot the rest of the day. Twenty rounds and I was done.

    Out of a handgun, .44 magnum S&W revolver, and I immediately fell in love. If only I could justify the purchase...

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    I handload for a buddy with a .375 H&H Mag. Ammo is so pricey for him I thought I'd be a good pal and work up a handload for him. For all the handloaders out there you know what I mean. Range session after range session shooting that beast of a gun off a bench. It was rough!!! :(
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    3 inch magnum 00 buckshot from 18" barrel mossberg 500
    holy crap!
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    A Ruger #3 carbine with steel buttplate in .45/70 Gov't.

    Just brutal!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackle1886 View Post
    3 1/2 " 12 gauge out of a turkey choke, Rem 870.
    The only thing worse then that is using 3 1/2" double ot buck, I have one of them and I use the 3 1/2" to mess with friends.

    The worse I had was my dad had an old savage 12 that if you didn't lean in to it, it would tear off your shoulder.
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    Winchester 1300 12 gauge, stockless, shooting slug. One handed.

    Yes, I did in fact sprain my wrist, thanks for asking... :)
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    I must have been about 11 or 12 when I was introduced to something new.

    Ruger had come out with the Super Gun of all times, The Blackhawk in .44 magnum.

    I thought my uncle's .45 1911 was a thrill to shoot but when they let me try out my cousin's new (non-ported) .44 magnum I was in awe. Holy cow, they told me to expect a kick but it was truly earth shattering.

    Now I am pretty much insensitive to recoil (no history with the .460 or .500)
    but to a skinny kid in the mid 50's shooting that Ruger was a bigger thrill than any roller coaster ride I have ever been on.

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    Ruger Number 1H in .458 Win mag.

    Freedom Arms .454 Casull

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