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Worst recoil you have experienced?

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Thread: Worst recoil you have experienced?

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    Rifle: 300 Weatherby mag.

    "Pistol": T/C chambered in 45-70. (Only once) It actually drew blood on my hand. I think there was a small gap between the grip and the frame which pinched a chuck of flesh off.
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    My buddy's Ruger Super Redhawk in .454 Casull.

    That or a 10ga side-by-side coach gun pulling both triggers in quick unison trying to impress some lady folk. I ended up on my butt and the pretty ladies laughed. I recall something about women liking a guy who can make them laugh, right?

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    stevens single barrel 16 gauge shotgun. when i was a teen. none of my buddies ever shot it more than once. guess i dont understand me. i have fired all of the "normal" hunting rounds in this area and the only one i was intimidated by was the 50 bfg. after one shot i decided there is too much hype about that round. i have never been reluctant to fire any weapon. just never had a problem with recoil.

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    Browning A Bolt - caliber 338 Winchester Magnum - no recoil pad and wearing only a light jacket.

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    Worst recoil? A double-bbl 10ga shotgun when I was 10yrs old. The cousins thought it would be a fine way to introduce me to guns. I ended up thinking it was merely an effective way to show me how high my shoes could be launched above my head, as I got knocked arse over tip, backwards. In the end, it worked out. I'm still shooting, after all these years. Thanx, cuz.
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    .458 winchester with a 400gr solid, out of a marlin lever gun with no recoil pad; i can still feel it today!

    BTW, they guy that owned the gun called it his "macho man" load.
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    .375 H& H magnum, the 3rd shot made my nose bleed
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    Searcy .600 Nitro Express boxlock double.

    Next in line, 45 120 500 Sharps w/ steel butt plate.

    Next in line a double 10 ga.
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    Shooting an irate steer with a broken leg while straddling a six foot fence using a single shot 12 gauge with 3 inch slugs.

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    On a bet, pulled both triggers on a side by side 12ga that was loaded with 3" 1oz slugs. I'll never do that again.
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    An old 16 gauge Ithaca Featherweight double barrel. It was the model with two triggers. When I was much younger and dumber, I decided to see what it would do if I pulled both triggers simultaneously. It didn't quite put me on the ground, but my shoulder still hurt the next day. Both shells were high brass loads.

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    As a kid I went from a 410 to an old single barrel and rather light 16 gauge and I don't remember the make. We used to take turns shooting pigeons on a farm with it. Sort of a "I can take more than you" thing.

    I learned to love a 7mm Rem Magnum my friend had. He couldn't hit with it because of recoil anticipation. I was doing 400 yard prone shots with it and that was one accurate rifle! I liked the way it shot and never minded the big push.

    I guess the biggest caliber handgun has been a 44. mag. The recoil never bothered me, you just let her roll!

    These days with the onset of arthritis I keep things a bit tamer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nn View Post
    10 ga when both barrels went at the same time.
    DITTO!!! Neighbor had an old 10 ga side-by-side. He knew it had a bad habit of double-busting when you pulled the front trigger because of the recoil, but didn't warn me. I was 16. It laid me flat out on my back in the middle of an old gravel road, and I frankly did not feel like getting back up for a while...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIGP250 View Post
    I found most polymer framed revolvers, namely the
    S&W Air light .38 to have quite a kick to them. For this reason and only this reason, for now I only shoot well balanced well made semi-automatic pistols.
    S&W doesn't make polymer framed air weight revolvers. Only Scandium(Alloyed with aluminum), Titanium, Aluminum, and various types of Steel(stainless and not stainless).

    The only modern polymer framed revolver is made by Ruger, and I don't think they have actually hit the market yet.

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    I shot a Fox 10 ga. goose gun when I was seven. It knocked me plumb up under a 1965 Ford p/up.
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