Worst recoil you have experienced?

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Thread: Worst recoil you have experienced?

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    Quote Originally Posted by outdare View Post
    My Marlin 450 lever action is the worst I have felt so far for the rifle and the Desert Eagle 50 cal pistol. It carries a nice punch.

    I have the same gun and it kills on both ends. If I'm firing more than a few shots I have to wear a pad or I will have a bruised shoulder.

    I used to have a scope on it but after two friends both had their eye brows split open I took it off. The scope never bit me but I knew what to expect and didn't crowd it. Most guys want nothing to do with it after seeing someone else shoot it, can't blame them.
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    As a kid, North Jersey, a .458 Winchester African, but then I saw a .600 Belgian Nitro Express handled by a big game hunter...so my bruised shoulder didn't hurt as much. In my later life, a S&W .44 magnum w/a one hand shot and I was not ready for it - hurt my wrist...shoulda known better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 64zebra View Post
    3 inch magnum 00 buckshot from 18" barrel mossberg 500
    holy crap!
    Lol, I agree, I wont load magnum rounds in my mossberg again. I now have a bunch of low recoil stuff. After firing the first round of the magnum stuff, my ear protection was laying on the ground next to me, my glasses were on sidways, and I don't know what happened to the gum I was chewing.

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    12 Ga shotgun when I was 13 or so, oh I forgot to mention that my Brother "neglected" to remind me to bury the butt of the shotgun in to my shoulder.
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    Mine was shooting the old man's .357 magnum derringer (both barrels at the same time).

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhunt View Post
    I don't know what happened to the gum I was chewing.

    FWIIW -- I in my youth I also chewed Red Man.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rhunt View Post
    Lol, I agree, I wont load magnum rounds in my mossberg again. I now have a bunch of low recoil stuff. After firing the first round of the magnum stuff, my ear protection was laying on the ground next to me, my glasses were on sidways, and I don't know what happened to the gum I was chewing.
    yeah, I shot 2 rounds of it, didn't knock off my headgear or glasses, but I thought my collar bone was laying about 10ft behind me, I unloaded the other 3 rounds of 3", and they've been in the box in my closet ever since....that was 10 years ago, only stock up on 2 3/4" now
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    Some guy we were bird hunting with had a Ruger O/U 12 gauge and after shooting about 10 rounds was almost crying from shooting it the recoil was so bad.I said let me try it and so I fired a round and that thing kicked like a 10 gauge single shot,I knew something was wrong so I asked what shells he had,he handed me some #4 3" mags,I thought that still shouldn't kick that hard ,so I looked at the barrel and it said chambered for 2 3/4" shells,A 2 3/4" chamber will accept a 3" shell but the extra room is for the crimp to open into so it doesn't partially obstruct the barrel,with 3" shellsthe crimp will fold into the barrel restricting the barrel down which can actually create a pressure spike and blow the gun up
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    For those that haven't seen this before!

    Granted it's an old video and it's mis-labeled. Enjoy anyway!

    Indian Shotgun Kickback Montage and other videos on StupidVideos.com
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    454 Casul revolver.

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    I know I've shot worse, but 198gr. out of my K98 Mauser! Even in day time you saw flame out the muzzle!!!
    Always leaves bruises.
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    A Winchester model 1901 10 gauge lever action when I was a teen and a 7mm Weatherby Mag. (after 14 rounds my should was black and blue)
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    Couple come to mind. Any ultra light with hard rubber grips,boy do they spank your hands.I quickly changed my 44spl to pachmyer to make shooting 44spl fun and recoil fun.I've had more offers to part with that pistol.No way it's staying with me as I only paid 215 for it.The other was Thompson Contender
    with a 7.7 barrel .now that was a pistol!

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    While I've never shot the "safari" loads, I've shot a variety of rifles, shotguns, and some pistols. The worse for me was when I shot a buddy's dad's pistol grip 18" barrel 12 gauge pump from the hip. It was loaded with 5 3" 00 buck shot, which I fired in quick succession. A minute or so after I fired all the rounds into a target, I noticed that my right hand was red, swollen, and numb. My wrist hurt for the next 2-3 days. I don't have any plans to do that again.

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