Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal

This is a discussion on Deal or No Deal within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; A work buddy asked me if I wanted to buy his AK-47. He's had it for maybe 3 yrs. Fired less than 500 rnds through ...

View Poll Results: $400.00 for a romanian AK-47, with Tap-co Adj stock and 400rnds of ammo. Is this a go

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Thread: Deal or No Deal

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    Deal or No Deal

    A work buddy asked me if I wanted to buy his AK-47. He's had it for maybe 3 yrs. Fired less than 500 rnds through it. It's a Romanian AK, Not sure who built the kit. Has a Tap-co adjustable stock (AR15) and wood fore-end (was like this when he bought it). Also has a cheapo Bi-pod and red dot that he put on himself. With the gun I also get about 400 rnds of ammo. He wants $400.00, is this a good deal or no. I was going to make a trip to CMP (only about 90 min from my house) to buy a Garand next month. So do I buy the AK and put off the Garand for a few months or pass on the AK and get the garand.
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    Buy it.

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    No terrible deal. Can I have his phone number?

    Buy it!
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    Buy it!!!!
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    One word! Obama!

    Get it while you can. It Isn't going to get much cheaper than that with the 400 rounds of ammo.
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    I just spent $360.00 for 1,000 rounds. Buy it.
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    Buy it or point me to the person selling.

    Thank you

    *EDIT* I wish that CMP was close to me, I'd make a pilgramige there too.
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    Its a buy... but I hate to see you give up a Garande for it.
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    If U do not get it now, later may be too late.

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    What are You waiting for.

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    I just had 1k rounds of 7.62 x 39 shipped to me for $300.

    Buy the thing... NOW!

    I cant wait till the panic buyers start getting those credit card bills.
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    I just paid $360 for 1260 rounds.
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    Is this a trick question? The ammo alone almost makes it worth it!
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    Howie - I choose the blonde with case number 4 and 400 rounds of ammo
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    No brainer in my book, buy it.

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