Where do you draw the line on recoil? Or do you?

Where do you draw the line on recoil? Or do you?

This is a discussion on Where do you draw the line on recoil? Or do you? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; This is an attempt at a spinoff of the other recoil thread; sort of a supplemental. I'm a pretty big guy and don't consider myself ...

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Thread: Where do you draw the line on recoil? Or do you?

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    Question Where do you draw the line on recoil? Or do you?

    This is an attempt at a spinoff of the other recoil thread; sort of a supplemental.

    I'm a pretty big guy and don't consider myself to be a wimp. (God knows I'd be dead by now if I was, what with the abuse I have put myself through.) However, I am also man enough to admit that I don't like a lot of recoil when I'm shooting. It makes a pleasurable hobby, not so pleasurable.

    I'm interested in seeing what others consider to be the most recoil they are willing to tolerate. I've shot lots of guns like the 375 H&H and so on, but you won't find one in my safe, becuase I just don't care to own something that is not fun to shoot. Feeling like my shoulder has been run over by a truck after shooting a few rounds at the range is not my idea of fun. So here is where I draw my personal "recoil comfort limits".(RCL)

    If you respond, it might be helpful to list the firearm type in your answer as well. For instance I have a lightweight .308 bolt rifle that recoils at my maximun threshold, however a 30-06 semi-auto is not so bad. Heck, .50 BMG isn't bad if it's an M2 mounted to a tripod. So you see what I mean.

    Here are my personal RCLs:

    In a bolt rifle, anything more than a 30-06 is more than I want to put up with, and if it's a light rifle, .308.

    In a full size handgun, I really don't care to shoot anything above a full house .357 magnum in a handgun. .41 magnum is tolerable, but no fun to me. In a snubby, 38spl +p is nice, but .357 too much. I like up to a .45 in a auto and have never shot anything bigger in one.

    For a shotgun, 3" 1oz slugs are the most recoil I will put up with and they are not fun to me. Not bad in an semiauto, but my deer shotty is a pump and the recoil is at max threshold with these slugs. I shot a 3 1/2' magnum and decided that if I can't kill it with a 3", it don't need killin'. (at least not by me)

    What say you?
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    I backed down to .380 and 9mm in handguns because
    I feel I can control them better .
    I have owned 44 mag. and loved it ,but its all about shot
    placement IMO.
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    I don't mind the 44 mag in Ruger blackhawk 6-8 inch barrel In rifel 30-06 Rem 700 BDL old model is all I need to each his own. I hunt FL. & Ga. 06 is all I'll need. H/D

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    I can *handle* pretty much whatever recoil is given to me, but I don't terribly enjoy shooting beyond 9mm for very long. A box of 357 is fun to put through a big revolver but mental fatigue sets in fairly quickly. .22 is too light. 380 auto I could pretty much enjoy shooting all day if it wasn't so incredibly expensive.

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    I have an M1 Garand and a M1903A2. The CMP HXP ammo goes thru the M1 with no problem. The A3, on the other hand, will let you know it is there by the 3rd shot. Since I have started handloading for most of the calibers I have, I have worked out a recipe that makes life good when shooting the A3 and still functions the gas system on the Garand very well. I now have a load that works in both of them.

    My son has a .308, can't remember the maker, that is a very light rifle. He used to bring it with him when he came home so we could shoot together at the range. Shooting off the shelf ammo, that thing would bring me to the edge of tears some days. I also own a Remington 870 that is set up for deer. Shooting 3 inch sabot at the range is just miserable but I have to have it because the place where I hunt deer at, in some areas, only allow shotguns with slugs.
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    I have yet to see any hand held gun that has more recoil than 600cc motocross bike handlebars in an all out cross country race including rocks, fallen trees, off-camber ruts, sharp ridges and trees, all at 60-90mph.

    Gun Recoil? HA!

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    I have a Win 70 in 7mm Rem Mag, when ever I take it to the range I bring a .22lr and 500 rds of .22

    The reason is that after the 3rd round of 7mm I start to flinch, I then have to shoot the .22 until I stop flinching.

    I don't enjoy shooting it but it is my Large North American Game Gun and I only use it for hunting things bigger than Deer.
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    To answer your question, I do not like shooting any rifle larger than a 30 caliber or a handgun larger than a 44 magnum, and you can through in. single shot or pump, 12 gauge shotguns to that list.

    I currently own a 44, and 357 magnums, but do not carry them for protection. While their potential is great, I feel that the ability of one of my 9 mm to deliver multi rounds on target quickly is better.

    While I do not find the magnums recoil threading, I do find that it takes my site off target, and thus prevents a rapid fallow up shot

    I also own a Browning A5 auto loader 12 gauge shotgun, and it will delivery multi rounds on target while maintaining a reasonable recoil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgtD View Post
    ...In a bolt rifle, anything more than a 30-06 is more than I want to put up with...

    Quote Originally Posted by sgtD View Post
    ...In a full size handgun, I really don't care to shoot anything above a full house .357 magnum in a handgun. .41 magnum is tolerable, but no fun to me. In a snubby, 38spl +p is nice, but .357 too much. I like up to a .45 in a auto and have never shot anything bigger in one...
    Same (though I have never fired a 41 mag). In theory, a 44 Spl out of a 44 mag is easy for practice.

    However, there is a contrast between a caliber that provides pure fun (.22 LR) vs what I can stand and still have a good time. So I could honestly say (for both rifle and handgun) I really only enjoy plinking. The rest is fun, put it is more hobby practice then pure fun.

    Quote Originally Posted by sgtD View Post
    ...For a shotgun...
    Never quite figured out what I like to shoot out of a shotgun. Either I get punished or I lack power. Unless I'm practicing hip shot, then, cost is more of a factor then recoil. I love to shoot 12 guage 00 buck from the hip, just can't afford it.
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    For my size-.243 for deer, 30-06 for elk, 44 mag for fun. I shoot mostly low recoil Cowboy Loads out of my 44. I reload so I can load for lower recoil. I dropped to a Sixteen guage to get away from recoil.

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    I had a Ruger Red Hawk 44 mag...quite a kicker. Great in Alaska for larger threats, but certainly not needed in the lower '48.

    I have no problems with my .45 1911's and I actually enjoy shooting them.

    I probably dislike shooting my KelTec .380...it's not a fun gun at the range...not a kicker, but it has a way of ruining the finger.
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    In Delaware, East of the Mason Dixon Line.
    Limb Saver recoil pads really do help to tame 300 WinMag through my Encore that is about my limit for long guns, though magnum 12ga shell are fairly punishing in a pump gun. Handgun: I shot a friends 500 SW and that is a beast, my 480 Ruger barrel again on my Encore is about my limit for a fun handgun.
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    For a single-shot, kill-it-right-damn-now, I haven't found a limit. For anything requiring more than 1 shot... I'm faster and more accurate with 9mm; rifles, an HK91 doesn't bother me, I'm just slowed by muzzle rise, and I prefer(-ed, had to sell) it to .223 because of its more authoritative impact.

    In handguns, I have to say, a .308 winchester is my upper limit, out of a 12" barrel. Pretty stout.

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    Making ammo.
    Defensive pistol: I'm cool with a 9, 45, or full snort 10mm.

    Rifle: I'm good with a .375 H&H Magnum. It's about a 12ga recoil. A SVL pad does wonders.

    Shotgun: 12ga is OK but can be a brute with the wrong gun. I prefer 20ga hands down. In a shotgun, I don't see more advantage in a gun that kicks any harder than a 20ga does.
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    I am comfortable with the 9mm right now as I have arthritis in my wrist. I use a .380 for a BUG. Any more than that gets to be too painful to enjoy shooting practice. I used to shoot a 30-06 rifle and hunt with a 12 gauge shotgun, but not anymore. A .223 is about it nowadays.
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