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Just Venting

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Thread: Just Venting

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    Just Venting

    Running a little low on ammo I've been checking my local Walmart the last several weeks to pick up a few more boxes of WWB in 45 cal. The lady that works the sporting goods counter checked and told me that 10 boxes from the warehouse were on there way and would be here Thursday. Nothing yesterday, and this morning when she checked again, low and behold, the 10 boxes disappeared. Gone. Never made it to the store. They are still charging 29.99/box of 100 rounds so I can see some employee scarfing them up. None to be had in the region.

    Ok, on to G M. They had 6 boxes on the shelf at 59.99/box of 100 WWB. (Probably why they had 6 boxes). My problem boils down to GREED. How much is enough profit? I'm sure there are those that will say,Whatever the market will bear. True enough, but when more and more companies start jumping on the greed bandwagon, where does it end. Like I said, Just Venting. There, I feel better now. No, I didn't buy any at G M. At those prices I will start making my own.

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    I doubt that is will get any better in the near future...$60 a box?

    Seems to me that some on this forum was ridiculed about a year ago because he advised buying ammo in bulk...lots of it!

    Now who was that?
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    Well it is all cyclical. As the profit margin goes up, more companies will jump in and the increased competition should drive prices back down as they compete for customers. It's supply in demand, as supply increases and demand stays the same, at some point supply will surpass demand, and prices will thus fall. Pretty much that's how it works, how long that takes is anyones guess.
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