Savage MkII FVXP range report!

Savage MkII FVXP range report!

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Thread: Savage MkII FVXP range report!

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    Savage MkII FVXP range report!

    I didn't have a bench rest, sandbags, or whatever to shoot off of, so I grabbed a stool and rested it on my arm on the little shelf at the firing line (handgun range). Wasn't able to shoot any further than 25 yards, but it's what I had available for now.

    The scope was quite obviously thrown on and never zeroed from the factory, but I don't expect it to be. It shot about 6 inches low and 2 left. Followed the 1/4 moa clicks, and had it shooting bull on the next grouping. One more fine adjustment and it's pretty well zeroed.

    Here's one of my 5 shot groups...all of them were about the same. I could have done better with a proper rest, but I had to make due. The stool was too tall, so I had to hunch over quite a bit, and it didn't shoulder quite right, but oh well.

    The trigger was amazing. Very crisp and clean, and very light. I'm not sure why some people say they hate the accutrigger. It had almost no movement, so you take up slack in the trigger safety (which has no real pull weight to it), and then it's just pressure. The bolt operates real smooth, and I didn't have any malfunctions through 100 rounds so far.

    I let my friend shoot it for a while, and he's convinced he needs to buy one too.

    My one complaint is that the comb is too low for use with a scope. It would probably be about right for shooting iron sights, but it needs a little more height. I'm planning on getting a new stock for it with a high comb and a wider fore end.

    Overall, it's a great rifle, and worth every penny. I can't wait to take it to 100 yards in a few weeks.

    Grouping is 1/2" wide with 1 flyer because someone set their handgun down on their shelf and it shook a bit. Orange is 7/8" wide. Ammo was some REALLY cheap CCI Blazer. Scope is a 4x Simmons


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    Looks like a bit of a tackdriver you have there, pretty good shooting for not even having a proper rest.
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    Appears to be a great shooter.

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