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Rant - DEA agents can not ID a common weapon.

This is a discussion on Rant - DEA agents can not ID a common weapon. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; FWIW, I think the "Agents" that appear in this show must be the absolute bottom of the DEA barrel. Why do I say this? Unless ...

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Thread: Rant - DEA agents can not ID a common weapon.

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    FWIW, I think the "Agents" that appear in this show must be the absolute bottom of the DEA barrel. Why do I say this? Unless they are suits on their way to retirement, no DEA agent I know wants to have his face plastered on TV. DEA agents are very very private people and very paranoid. It is an institutional thing since the torture and death of Kiki Camarena. They may risk their lives or the lives of their fellow agents if they are made. I saw 2 episodes last season and this "agents" behaved so non-DEA and so non-LEO that I thought it was a joke and a bad one to boot.
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    Miggy, these guys are generally DEA task force agents, not full fledged agents.

    Member PD's lone guys out to the DEA to make up task forces ina geographic area, I did this for some time as a DEA agent, but I've never been employed by the DEA.
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    I can see where they were confused vis a vis MAC 10 v. Kel Tec, since it's obvious to everyone they both have the thing that goes down.
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    There are several Task Force Officers on show. You'll see them wearing "Police" windbreakers vs. "DEA". Supervisors and several agents are all regular DEA guys out of the Newark, NJ office.

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    My problem with it is They are giving False information. Well I guess we do live in the “United States of Entertainment” As proven by our politics. And one last quote by a well trained DEA Agent “This is a Glock 40, I am the only one in this room Professional enough to carry this gun”. Shortly followed by a loud BANG! Now thats entertainment.

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