Gun Auction today...

Gun Auction today...

This is a discussion on Gun Auction today... within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; There was a gun auction in Marshall today... When I went to look yesterday (Friday preview) there were a few things I thought that if ...

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Thread: Gun Auction today...

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    Lightbulb Gun Auction today...

    There was a gun auction in Marshall today... When I went to look yesterday (Friday preview) there were a few things I thought that if the price were right I might be interested.

    So today when I went, and saw the parking lot, I just kept on driving.... Good news is they had record attendance, there had to have been a minimum of 250 cars in the parking lot, and that meant at least 3-500+ people inside, which in turn meant every thing would be bid up to what I could just buy it for at the next gun show...

    So has anyone else noticed the huge upswing in gun sales? I know we all have felt the ammo crunch due in a huge part I believe to higher than normal ammo sales and hoarding, but how about the guns? Some models are hard to get at the gun shops, so one thing for sure, the democrats have inspired gun and ammo sales to new records....
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    Two of the gun shops I go to have said they are very busy since the election. Lots of first time buyers of all ages and genders. A lot of the guns are sold before they hit the shelf or are even priced.
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    I have usually tried to maintain a good relationship with the local gun shop (which basically means that I've made many house payments for them) and they bend over backwards for me.

    I get much better deals on sidearms, much better trade-in deals, and great prices on ammo. In fact, they called me today because I had been looking for more 170 gr 30-30 ammo. They found five cases buried in their inventory and gave it to me about 20% cheaper than the going rate on the iNet (their previous price + some knocked off) took off more because I paid in cash. ...can't beat that!

    To the OP...
    I've been to Marshall many times...lived close for a while...nice town of older homes...classy place. But I agree, when the bidding gets crowded, the prices jump WAY up. It would be the place to sell, though.
    And ammo?...flying off the shelves here. They don't even put it on the shelves any more, they just hall the pallets into the middle of the store and it's gone in a few days.

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