Gun Show Today

Gun Show Today

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    Gun Show Today

    Went to the gun show @ the fairgrounds here in orlando on saturday. Jeez was it crowded. We got there about 30 minutes before the doors were supposed to open and we were still probably 200th or more in line. Didn't really see much of interest. Saw a few LCPs but i'm not going to pay over $350 for one so i'll wait to find a used one or for the prices to go down to where they should be (if and ever that happens) and then we'll see. Buddy picked up a new XDm 9mm for around $650 out the door. not too bad of a deal i guess.

    Found winchester small pistol primers for $35 for 1k, bought a box for myself and each of the other 2 people i reload with and another box of large pistol primers. 1k 9mm brass for $50, hopefully that was reasonable but it beats spending hours sifting through buckets @ the range, we should be well over 1,500 empty 9mm brass so that should last us a while.

    Dad found a don hume holster for his ruger .45, ended up getting a lefty model and wearing it on the right side because he likes having his pistol butt forward when he carries. Hopefully the holster works out for him been trying to get him to actually use a holster for a while instead of just sticking it in his pants.

    I did however find 2 nice (or in my non knowing opinion nice) knives. The guy must have really wanted to get rid of them since the sold them to me for $150 for the pair. Sticker prices on them came out to $135 and $90. Looked up his page online when i got home and he had both knives listed for $150 each. Good deal for me i think. Bill Hampton's Custom Handmade Knives. haven't tried fixed blades yet guess there's a first time for everything. first non commercial blades as well

    Went to shoot straight afterward and picked up a ruger 10/22. Now we have an actual .22 pistol and a .22 rifle! cheap plinker's heaven

    Overall i believe this will be the last gun show i'll be going to for quite some time. prices weren't anything to write home about and it was way too crowded. on top of that the price went up from $7 to $9 for admission. I'll just stick to going to shoot straight at least the people are friendly and we've bought enough guns from them by now we can work a decent deal.

    not a great picture taker but here are some pics.
    anyone else make it to the orlando show?
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