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Perfect Gun Clerk?

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Thread: Perfect Gun Clerk?

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    I value someone that shows good customer service skills by having a good attitude, is respectful and goes out of his way to try to assist me with my potential purchase. Also, he should have general knowledge of the products in their inventory in case I need other options or need to compare with similar products.
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    The perfect gun clerk is the one who shows me what I ask to see and doesn't offer any unwanted commentary. Just show/sell me what I want and get the math right.

    And get a breath mint.

    In 20+ years I have only found one person who is like this. He is as valuable to me as my Mechanic, Plumber, Carpenter and Doctor.

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    I was particularly impressed a couple of years ago when I was checking for various smaller "carry guns", a Kahr, baby Glock, and XD Subcompact. The lady clerk was pleasant and interesting. She then proceeded to take each one apart quickly and reassemble them quickly while explaining their actions. She was not bragging, but her knowledge of these three pistols combined with her ability to quickly take them apart and put them back together (in seconds I might add), couldn't help but impress me. Also, it was nice that she knew the difference between single action and double action. For example, at that time I had assumed the Kahr was a single action striker-fired pistol like Glock and XD. She explained that the Kahr was different, because it was a double action only (one pull cocks and fires), and she did not fall into the trap of claiming that the Glock and XD were double action or single/double action (although more than a few frequently make this mistake).

    I did not purchase that day, but she did not appear disappointed. However, it was not long afterward until I returned and purchased the XD Subcompact.

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    Don't assume I'm stupid cause I'm young. If I ask a question and you don't know the answer, thats ok, just be honest.
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    The local shop I go to is great. The owner and all of the clerks are easy going, light-hearted guys who can answer general questions about different models I'm interested in. If I have a specific question I'll ask them something like, "Which one of you guys is the shotgun/deer hunting/tactical carbine guy? Usually, at least one of the clerks is interested enough in a particular area to have learned enough to give a qualified (if not expert) opinion.

    Now, on top of that, when I walk in the door they always say "Hi" and then leave me alone until I ask them something. If I'm standing at a particular case for awhile they'll come by and ask if I need help but other than that, there's absolutely NO sales pitch and none of the "you don't want that, you want this" crap that other shops use to sell what THEY want you to buy.

    I went in last week to make my regular monthly layaway payments and ended up putting a S&W .44spl Nightguard (396?) on layaway as well. I asked the clerk how much he needed to put it on layaway. He said, "Normally it'd be $160 but you're a regular so we can do it for $100." Can't beat that kind of service. I've been making regular monthly layaway payments there every month for about three or four years now and been a regular customer since about 1996. Their prices may be a few dollars more than one of the other shops but their layaway plan and customer service more than balances that out.

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    When I go to purchase a gun I have already done my homework, know exactly what I'm looking for, and I have very few questions.

    That being said, I'd prefer that the gun salesperson looks like a Victoria's Secret model.


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    I don't know about perfect gun clerk, but to me he doesn't have to be perfect.

    Really all I want them to do is:
    1. Wait on me as a customer, as promptly as you can.
    2. I don't need any attitudes, just be a regular person.
    3. Don't try to be a know-it-all
    4. Make sure the gun you hand me is unloaded; if not hand it to me safely so I can check it.

    BTW, from me to the clerk:
    1. I won't laser you with a gun
    2. I won't hog your time or the counter, especially if you're busy
    3. I won't drop, ding, or scratch the store's gun I'm looking at.
    4. I'm a good guy to deal with, and it'll stay that way as long as you are too.
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    I am pretty lucky to have an awesome Fun Shop/Range fairly close to home.
    It's a busy place and sometimes I have to wait for help or range time, but it's busy for a reason, they know how to treat their customers.
    As a woman I find some places that don't treat me like a person, they treat me like someone who is someplace she doesn't belong, my shop doesn't.
    Each of the employees are well versed in different guns, and if they don't have the answer you are looking for they will be honest and put you in touch with the guy or girl behind the counter that does know the answer.
    The prices are reasonable they offer a membership for each gun you purchase, and they often give me an extra perk here and there.
    Running a business is a tough job, but these folks do it well, and they know the best asset they have is a happy customer.
    There is another gun shop an equal distance in the other direction that I used to shop at until the day I was insulted in front of a shop full of customers, accused of lying about a $20.00 box of bad ammo, when I had several defective rounds to show him. He sais it couldn't have come from the brick of .22lr rounds he sold me and said I must have picked them up off the floor at the range!
    WTH, Buddy if you want to insult somebody over something like that, you deserve to loose the $3000.00 I've spent at the other place since.
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    WTG Rugergirl. I'm pretty much the same way. There's another shop about thirty minutes from here that has the best prices around. I bought a used Mil-Spec from them and after a trip to the range I told this 20-something year old clerk that the gun wasn't functioning correctly. He looked at it and told me it was MY fault. Fine. I left and took it to my regular shop to have their 'smith look at it. I knew the thumb safety needed to be replaced as well as the slide stop but he also found that the plunger tube was crap and wasn't staked correctly. $65 later I had a decent gun (still have it today).

    I haven't been back to that other gun shop since. Instead, I've spent an average of $200 per month at my regular shop and have been doing that for two or three years now. My collection is much improved and larger than it once was and I've built a good relationship with my local shop. They seem to appreciate my $2400 or so each year and, as I said in my last post, they give me some decent price breaks when I'm buying or putting guns on layaway. More importantly, I've never once gotten an attitude from any of them.
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    Willing to find answers they dont already know


    Doesnt try to force their opinion on others

    Understands applicable gun laws

    Able to answer or willing to find the answer to a question about a particular gun (rather than telling me "... I dont know, its the kind that goes bang when you pull the trigger." (yes thats an answer I got once)

    I dont expect a firearms expert but someone who knows that its .45ACP (or Auto) and not 45mm
    Dont tell me that a certain brand or type of firearm is garbage let me make that decision.
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    As a former salesman, I did better when I stopped being a salesman and started being a helper. Be there to answer question, let the customer know any deals or promotions that are current (or near future), and engage them on friendly terms. I've made a few great friends working that job. It's a good feeling knowing a product or service you provided was well-received and put to good use. Giving my employee discount to regulars and folks who discovered they didn't have as much in their wallet as they thought they did was a good way to keep them coming back, too.

    For me, I'd like a clerk who did what I did, which is help me, the customer, make the sale, instead of the clerk making the sale. Know their facts, know what they don't know, and be willing to hunt down what they don't know. Female, good looking, and single would be nice, too.

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    Well, rather, what do you think makes the guy on the other side of the counter stand out from the rest?
    A given salesperson needs to be able to be helpful and supportive of each and every type of customer that comes through the door. It's a tough job. What'll work for my sale won't necessarily work for the next.

    I certainly need a bit more info about a given gun, prior to purchase. Whatever the salesperson can help to facilitate that is a good thing. I need to understand how it basically compares with others, in terms of durability, reliability, basic function. I need to be comfortable with how many this shop has sold, and whether it's been a maintenance nightmare. I need straightforward answers. I tend to ask lots of questions, and this flusters many people ... but not the equipments experts. Don't lie to me or massage the truth about a gun; tell me, if you don't know for certain. That'll do it.
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