Finally got to the range today to fire my new G26 (thanks Nathan).

Two FTE's on the first clip, after that the next 100 were flawless with great groupings using Blazer target ammo. Love the form factor and had a great time blasting. I took my boss and let him roll through 40 more rounds.

Took the Kimber Ultra Carry II (my EDC) and ran 50 or so through it to test the alignment of my CT grips. Dead on at 7 yards and 20 as well.

I also shoot my new (used) Kel-Tec PF-9. Opps, should have saved the money. Trigger pull is way too long and tight. It felt almost as long as a P-250, at twice the pull weight. I'll be looking to sell this one very soon. It should pay for half of a new S&W M&P or some night sights for the Kimber and Glock.