Browsed Local Gun Show – have stupid questions?

Browsed Local Gun Show – have stupid questions?

This is a discussion on Browsed Local Gun Show – have stupid questions? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Background: I have an SP101 revolver with a Hogue grip. I like it. I decided to handle some of the auto loaders. Unlike a revolver ...

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Thread: Browsed Local Gun Show – have stupid questions?

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    Question Browsed Local Gun Show – have stupid questions?

    Background: I have an SP101 revolver with a Hogue grip. I like it.

    I decided to handle some of the auto loaders. Unlike a revolver where the grip is highly customizable, the auto loader grip seems to be only rarely modifiable, and only slightly at best, so feel was very important to me. Now I have to make a very unmanly confession; I work with computers and I have soft hands.

    By far, most of the auto loaders had cheese grater grips that bit into my hand when I gripped them. I suppose this is for combat type environments with water and mud, but I just can't imagine range time with one of these grips. Do they offer alternative grip styles and this was just a limited selection?

    A few notable exceptions felt good to hold, one was a Ruger P90, but I'm not looking for a 45. Another grip that felt good and they had in both 9mm and .40 cal was IWI Desert Eagle. I see that Glock is probably the most commonly recommended auto loader, but I didn't like the feel of the Glocks as much as the Desert Eagles. Maybe just selection?

    There was a holster guy there with a holster style I'd never heard of before. It was an IWB, but it didn't attach to your belt at all. Instead, it had a long flap with a smaller cell phone holster on top. The gun part dropped down inside your pants and hung below the waist producing what looked like a pocket bulge, while the cell holster simply folded over the top leaving the cell OWB. The whole thing was set up as a two handed cross draw where he pulled the entire holster out of his pants left handed, while gripping and drawing right handed as the grip emerged above the waist band. All I could think was, "I don't wear my pants that loose!"

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    If you get a "plastic" gun such as a Glock, Springfield SD series there isn't much you can do with the grips. S&W has changeable back straps that will change the way the gun fits your hand. If the gun has wooden grips you can change them out for something that feels better to you. My CZ's came with rubber checkered grips, I swapped them out for smooth wooden grips. Which is my personal preference.

    The holster you are talking about was originally called a "Pager Pal", had a fake pager that was exposed outside your pants. Since few people use pagers anymore they went to a cell phone holder. Do a search on Pager Pal and you should find several links. General opinion is they are a waste of money.

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    Rent some and try them out before you write them off.
    "Wise people learn when they can; fools learn when they must." - The Duke of Wellington

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    You can get Hogue grips for just about anything these days.

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    H&K P30

    Problem Solved.

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    If it will be a range gun, wear shooting gloves. You will want that "cheese grater" grip in a defensive situation.
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