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Ripped off mother in law

This is a discussion on Ripped off mother in law within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; When mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!!! Mum's the word. Oh yeah, Happy Birthday!!! I agree too though that if you could find out where ...

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Thread: Ripped off mother in law

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    When mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!!! Mum's the word. Oh yeah, Happy Birthday!!!

    I agree too though that if you could find out where she bought it that it wouldn't hurt to give them a piece of your mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Unless you have the time and know that you could reverse the sale to your MIL, I would just accept the gift and not hurt her feelings.

    Life is filled with 'rip-off artists' and there is not much we can change about that. I wouldn't even tell her, just let her think she did something special for you.

    Stay armed...enjoy the moment...stay safe!
    Good call!

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    She trying to tell you it's time to 'add to the family'?

    She think you can't handle a .45?
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    That would be one of my favorite guns,...seriously. I'd take it to the range and if she asked why I didn't "carry" it, I would cite sentimental reasons!

    I'd tell the story and pass it on to one of my children...

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    Very sad to hear of folks getting ripped. Not to hijack the thread but a little story close to home. When my FIL passed away my MIL had someone to her house to do some repair work. The worker spotted a Fox double 20 ga that my FIL had won. I do not remember the exact details but the gun was not a standard grade gun. It had never been fired. The guy offered her $20. for the gun and she took it. And she knew I liked and had quite a few guns. Oh well, I guess she figured I had enough guns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cutdown View Post
    My mother in law knows that I enjoy guns. For my birthday this year she was thrilled because she had found a gift she knew I would love. She came over very excited for me to unwrap my gift and I did not make her wait. As I unwrapped it I could tell that it was obviously an unboxed pistol and I became a little excited. After getting thru all the unnecessary layers of wrapping paper I was kinda heartbroken. It was a Jennings nine. I know its the thought that counts and I was very thankful. I later herd her talking in the other room and overheard that she had spent 250$ and I was shocked! This was a used gun with no box or papers! I may be wrong but this seemed extremely high. I cannot believe someone ripped off this older lady (I hope she never reads this). But I guess they probably seen her coming from a mile away.
    It is a shame that someone took advantage of her like that, but i personally would keep the gun for the simple fact that your MIL thought enough of you to take the time to find a gift that she knew you would like. My MIL always talks to my wife before buying me gifts to see what i might like, in the future maybe your wife can help her to make a more informed purchase. But all in all i would cherish the new gun for what it is, a very thoughtful gift from someone who must care a lot about you being a part of the family.


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    Hey..I got two Jennings 9's and I'll sell you one of them for $225 and you'll get paper work! It's a better deal than your MnL got!

    Yeah she got ripped off and nothing you can do abt it. Just accept the gift and maybe tell her that you'd rather buy your own guns due to the paper work involved, just to keep it legal.
    "Brains before Bullets"

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    Quote Originally Posted by SleepingZ View Post
    Good advice---keep the peace.


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    I wouldn't pay more than $ 150.00 for a Jennings new in box with original receipt. IMHO they are probably only worth $ 100.00 and nothing at all used.

    $ 250.00 would almost get her a new Bersa or playing her cards right a used J Frame.

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    Wink Never look a gift horse in the mouth...

    I guess you could say that for the gun too....

    It must be nice to have someone give you a gun as a present, and could she be fibbing a bit on what she paid for it....

    Either way I would go out of my way not to hurt her feelings, but would ask her where she bought this fine gun from....

    Then you can pursue it discretely from there.
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    Either way I would go out of my way not to hurt her feelings, but would ask her where she bought this fine gun from....

    Then you can pursue it discretely from there.
    There ya go!
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    +1 on checking the background on it. You should be able to have the local police run the serial to ensure it's not stolen.

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