Experience with GunsAmerica?

Experience with GunsAmerica?

This is a discussion on Experience with GunsAmerica? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Hi all. I'm just getting started with concealed carry. Currently have a Glock 27, but have been trying to find something smaller for times when ...

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Thread: Experience with GunsAmerica?

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    Experience with GunsAmerica?

    Hi all. I'm just getting started with concealed carry. Currently have a Glock 27, but have been trying to find something smaller for times when the Glock is too big. Unfortunately, pocket guns are nowhere to be found here in SC, since demand has gone through the roof. One store I checked at had over 200 people on a waiting list for a Ruger LCP! Anyway, I was browsing online, and Guns America has available what I'm looking for (probably a Kel Tec). I know it has to be shipped to a local gun store. I've never used anything like this. Anybody got an experience? How do you arrange this? How did your local store react? It almost feels like I'm cutting them out of the loop, which I hate to do. Do they make anything off the deal? 'Preciate any thoughts.

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    Depending on the shop.

    I had a transfer to a small local shop and the owner only charged a $25 fee for the transfer. Some places will charge 10% of the purchase price, others a flat rate up to $100.

    Ask around, and when you do pick a shop, throw a little money their way, buy something you need or can use.

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    I got my Sigma off Guns America from a place called Perkioman in TN. I had it shipped to a local FFL who charged me $25 for the transfer fee.

    The entire experience was totally pain free. I just made sure to call ahead to both the seller and the FFL and give them each others info, and the rest was smooth as silk.

    I would not hesitate to buy another in the same fashion. In fact I saved myself about $90 overall compared to the local prices I got.

    Just make sure the seller is a legit place and you should be OK.

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    Good experience

    I've bought maybe 6 handguns through GunsAmerica over several years. Generally I use the geographical search function to find guns in my local area, then arrange a meeting and sale with the seller. It has always worked well for me in this mode.

    I also bought a gun from Perkiomen in Tennessee that was shipped to my FFL, and this was very satisfactory also. So GunsAmerica is a site I visit regularly.
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    No problems here. I did give the transfer dealer the opportunity to sell me the same gun, but wound up getting the gun over the net. From what I understand the markup in guns is so low, a $15 - 25 transfer fee would be about the profit on a gun anyway. They make money for a bit a paperwork, but just don't move any inventory.

    Seems dealers would be more accommodating to get people in the store to buy other stuff (with more markup) - around here many want to charge more to discourage net sales.

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    Have you also tried Gunbroker.com - There are always quite a few of them on Gunbroker & it would be worthwhile for you to shop around over there also.

    Try to get a newer production LCP.
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    It was kind of spooky to send money to a stranger and hope a gun showed up, but Monday I will do my 4th purchase in a year. Make friends with a local FFL to get your guns.
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    I've never purchased from a personal seller but have from the shops that use Gunsamerica for advertising their availability...

    I'd suggest you do call them and speak with the seller to ensure you are getting some kind of a warm fuzzy...

    I've purchased most of my fire arms by finding good deals on forums I belong to and transffering them to my gun store that has become very helpful in making transfers pain free...


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