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    Lightbulb AH HA!!!

    OK so today I went to the Mason Mi gun show today, my primary goal was to load up on some .40 Wolf to feed my new XDm. I was about no 40 in line when they opened and after going though the first row of tables I decided to head to the ammo guy....

    This fella always has a large supply of wolf's, 9, .223, and usually .40 so on a whim I head for his spot.....

    When I get there there is another guy trying to buy some .223, now this looks strange nearly all his ammo is stacked in front of his booth instead of along side....

    Other guy asks how much for.... N the ammo guy says he just sold it all!!! about 20+K rounds to one person..... no he did not bring any more with him!!!!

    On the way home I call a friend in AZ and M telling him this story and he tells me of a place he gets his ammo from.... they had received in over 1.5 million rounds one day, N someone bought it all up the next!!!!

    So I have to believe this ammo shortage is being generated not by short supplies, or non manufacture but by someone or a group that is buying up every round they can lay their hands on....

    For you tin hat types could it be a evil government plot to let us have our guns and not any ammo, could it be some end of the world survival nut's planning on WW III, or could it just be panic in the streets and people stocking up huge amounts of ammo for family fun day at the range???? To me this just looks like a repeat of the mid 70's TP scare....

    Me I still found a few deals on some white box, wolf's and some Magtech for when I carry the gun.
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    I do not think that some conspiracy group is buying up all the ammo, I just think that the smart people (with some extra bucks) are stocking their shelves.

    Stay armed...stock up...stay safe!
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    Wouldn't it be ironic if those buying such large quantities are actually anti-gun activists. Some may have the theory "What good is a gun if you can't get ammo?". I don't know many folks who can afford a few thousand dollars for 10 -20 thousand rounds of ammo out of pocket at one time.

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    No, no, don't you know it is the Mexican drug lords.

    If the y bought 90% of their guns here they need ammo

    Seriously, I believe it is a demand generated shortage which creates a panic, which worsen the shortage, which worsen the panic, which .........

    Since it is a temporary situation the manufacturers probably don't want to step up the production too much and get stuck with inventory.
    My $ .02.
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    the ammo guy says he just sold it all!!!
    This almost sounds like a speculator...."I'll buy it all". I'll be glad when the rush is over. That is just ridiculous.
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    Last time I went to Walmart they put out 6 boxes of Remington .223 50rd packs. I bought them all and pissed off the others behing me, but the price wasn't bad and I had the dough. By the way I didn't hoard it, I used it up in three trips to the range...I did save the brass though.

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    I'm just glad that I saw it coming months if not years ago and have been stocking for some time. Even at that when a deal comes along I still take advantage of it (can one really be over stocked?).
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    My local gun shop doesn't seem to have any problems getting guns or ammo. I was in there this afternoon and all the racks and showcases were full of guns and the ammo located near the front desk appeared to be full. They have a tremendous selection of ARs, shotties and handguns.
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