Is it worth it??

Is it worth it??

This is a discussion on Is it worth it?? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; The only indoor range around has what seem to be a good offer going. If you join the range for a year ($75), you get ...

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Thread: Is it worth it??

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    Is it worth it??

    The only indoor range around has what seem to be a good offer going. If you join the range for a year ($75), you get to buy one new gun at cost during the year. I know the owner well, he has been a local teacher for 30+years. What can the savings be? This guy has some pretty high prices to be honest. What do you guys think?
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    Price is better than the prices in Vegas. That's why most of us go out to the desert to shoot for free.

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    $75 per year?
    Total cost to shoot anytime? No limits?
    I'd say that it's a bargin. Additonal savings on a gun purchase? At cost? That right there sounds like you get your $75 back...

    I pay $250 per year for my wife and I to belong to a beautiful, well-managed, private outdoor range.
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    Well, depending on any stipulations for usage they have for you using the range, I think $75 for a year is about right with or without any fringe benefits. If the FFL isn't a volume dealer, his prices will likely be higher than those who are. I go to shoot at an indoor range whenever I want to for $10 and targets are 80¢ each. It's been three years since I had a yearly paid membership there and I think it was $50 then. But I know this fellow, I used to work at the same place as his wife, and he was my CCW class instructor and I always go there to renew. I've sold on consignment through his shop, bought one pistol from him, and had him install most of my night sights. A place that does right by you is often better than a place that's more convenient. If you find both at the same place, then you're doing well.

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    $75/year sounds like a good deal to me, and the gun at cost is an extra bonus. I pay around $12/day at an indoor range, so if I go once a month I'm paying almost twice what you'll be paying for a year. It's a no-brainer, especially if you like that particular range.

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    "When it seems too good to be true, it probably is". Read the small print. How much are the targets? Does the range owner require you use his ammo?
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    Also, a range that I use around here has a membership deal, but range time is only discounted, not free. 50% off? I don't remember, but it is a kind of pricy range to start with.
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    heck yeah thats a good deal its around 300 near me
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    don't know what the indoor ranges are around here i think shoot straight is $30 a month with a free gun rental upon membership. the outdoor range i'm a part of is around $125ish after the first year's initial fee's. I prefer out door but seems to me $75 for a whole year isn't too bad comes out to $6.25 a month. plus you get a "discount" on a gun. how often do you go shooting? how much is it to use the range for a day? if you go more than once a month and it costs you more than $6.25 per day, then it would be worth it right?

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    I pay $225 per year, so 75 bucks seems like a good deal to me.
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    $12.00 Hr. here but since I frequent the range and support it they let me get a year membership for 100.00
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    For a decent range, anything less than $10-15/mo is a bargain, IMO. If his typical mark-up is 30%, it might seem worth it. But then, for $75, I'd be much more concerned about the quality and flexibility of the range as opposed to looking for that $75 to be "paid back" via some special discount. Meaning, you might get a discounted gun, but a crappy range. That wouldn't be worth it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shotdown View Post
    Price is better than the prices in Vegas. That's why most of us go out to the desert to shoot for free.
    Maybe we should rally the LV guys together for such an event. The GTO won't make it down those trails too well!

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    I'm with retsupt99!
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    If you can shoot all you want for 475 I would join.

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