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Not shooting, saving ammo

This is a discussion on Not shooting, saving ammo within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I've reduced my time to visiting the gun range to once a month. Finding 9mm ammo here in Vegas is getting to be very challenging. ...

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Thread: Not shooting, saving ammo

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    I've reduced my time to visiting the gun range to once a month. Finding 9mm ammo here in Vegas is getting to be very challenging. Even when I do go to the range I try to keep my usage under 150 rounds.
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    I'm mainly doing dry fire practice, for that exact reason!
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    I still shoot. I reload 9 and 45. It is hard to find primers, but I have plenty of ammo for targets.

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    I've cut back a little, and I'm shooting more .22. Luckily I reload, but it took me about a month and a half to scrounge enough for this seasons shooting. Finally last month I managed to buy:

    5K in small rifle primers
    10K in large Pistol primers
    18lbs of powder (AA2460, WW231, and RAM-TAC)
    2000 .223 55 FMJ bullets

    This combined with what I’ve got on hand will get me through this year with maybe a little extra. The biggest problem I had was primers and .223 bullets. If you find them, get them while you can. I haven’t had any problems with Lead SWCs, nor big game bullets. 9mm bullets are a different story, but I shoot very little 9mm.

    If you do reload, I’d try to find some reloaders in your area and go in on bulk purchases on-line to save on the HAZMAT and shipping. The guys in my IDPA club go in together and we can get some savings in group buys.

    I alos ordered a Spikes .22 concversion for my AR since .223 FMJ bullets are a PITA to find these days.

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    I have not cut back but I can reload every thing I have but 22lr

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    I'm lucky enough to have a clerk put away several boxes from every shipment and hold them for me. The clerk said that if the ammo is put on the shelves the first customer will usually buy it all. I have several storage areas and most of them are full of pistol and rifle ammo so I still shoot on a fairly regular basis.
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    I have a pretty good supply right now. In fact, the wife and I are heading to the range today for a couple of hours. Practice is important, but, having SD ammo is important too. Shoot when you can.
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    I have also gone into conserve mode.
    My USPSA team practices every Monday evening. I will be going only every other Monday.

    I have been fortunate enough to be far ahead of the curve with the recent panic buying, I saw this coming along time ago. I have enough live ammo in 7.62 And 5.56 to last for years. I reload for 45 and 5.56 but the components are running low.

    With my CDF training I have cut way back on live fire drills and have started concentrating my efforts in other areas Like Force on Force with air soft pistols
    and more Hand to Hand combat.
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    My 380 shooting has just about stopped. (saving what I have for that special need) I do still shoot 9MM but no where near as often or as much as I did. Local wally world did have WWB 9mm 100ct yesterday and I bought a few boxes.Guess I will have a range trip next week.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DrLewall View Post
    Here lately, I have held off shooting for the lack of ammo. I find that it seems to be a little bit harder to find it, and with money being a bit more tight around the house hold, shooting has come to a near stand still. Am I the only one going thru this?
    I dig. I go through a lot of ammo at range sessions, but now I've mostly been doing the dry-fire practice. Georgia Arms shows a pending charge, though, so I should have a little breathing room soon so I can get back out and shoot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joleary223 View Post
    I buy a box or two, when I can find it, and shoot much less. I'm trying to scrape up enough money to get some reloading gear until then I'm saving all my brass. I have noticed that there isn't any brass left at the range anymore so I'm not the only one.
    You can buy all you need to handload for the cost of a couple boxes of ammo at today's prices. The Lee Classic Turret kit from Kempf's includes just about all the hardware you need for about $175 and the Classic Turret is a great press. The single stage kit they offer is less. Add a loading manual, a set of calipers, some method to clean brass, a bullet puller, and components and you are off to the races.

    I simply don't shoot factory ammo, my shooting hasn't changed at all, if anything I'm shooting more, not less.

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