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What is your biggest complaint about gun laws in your state?

This is a discussion on What is your biggest complaint about gun laws in your state? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; The state of Mass limits the choices I have on purchase of new handguns. Weapons have to be Mass compliant to be sold in state....

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Thread: What is your biggest complaint about gun laws in your state?

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    The state of Mass limits the choices I have on purchase of new handguns. Weapons have to be Mass compliant to be sold in state.
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    I don't think a place of business should be able to dictate if you are armed or unamred. If the state give you a CWL it should be allowed because you have proved you deserve your CWL. Also carrying on school grounds.
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    That I can not protect my property with a gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XDFender View Post
    That there are any at all that infringe on law-abiding citizens' RKBA. "Requiring" me to get the government's approval to exercise my RKBA however I see fit. "Prohibiting" me from doing so in certain places.

    I am not a criminal.

    I am not an enemy of the State.

    I am a law-abiding human being (and, therefore, a holder of the natural, God-given human right to keep and bear arms) and citizen of the United States, meaning that my state is constitutionally prohibited from infringing on that right pursuant to the 2nd Amendment made applicable to the states via the 14th Amendment. The fact that the state goes ahead and does so nonetheless does not make it legitimate--much less so "right."

    That I have been disenfranchised in many aspects of my natural, God-given, human RKBA by my and other states as well as the federal government is my biggest complaint about gun laws.

    I have to jump on this band wagon, well said XDFender.
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    The "unarmed victim zones" are my biggest frustration.
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    usa-southeast texas
    Texas needs an intense course instructing LEO the legal side of CCW and other weapons. Some of them do not know. Probably because they have not been taught. This seems to be a problem in small towns and rural areas. One example,I once watched an LEO try to describe legal knife length you can carry, WITH HIS OWN HAND! Legal length in Tx. is on the books! In black and white! Hands come in different sizes! Did he measure his hand? What if you are 1/8 " over? This is not directed at most LEO,however I do not want to be hauled in because of 'guesswork'

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    My biggest complaint is that in order to buy a handgun I have to pay for the gun, but I can't take possession of the gun at that point. I have to drive to the county clerk, add it to my permit during business hours. I have to park downtown, make my way to the right building, stand in line, etc. The clerk charges me money, adds the gun to my permit and then gives me a coupon and then I have to drive back to the store and give the clerk my coupon. Then I get the gun. Private face to face sales do not have to go through this process. It's a waste of gas. The FFL/Gun store already has to do an FBI check in order to sell the gun to me. So, the county clerk trip is truly a waste of time and I suspect only in place to generate revenue and discourage people from adding new guns to their permit.

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    No open carry.
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    My biggest complaint is all the hoops I have to jump through to get my hands on a new hand gun. I mean first I have to go to the Local LEO to get a right to purchase form. Then back to the shop. After that back to the LEO with a filled registration form.

    I jump through enough hoops to get my CCW, and I still need to jump through to purchase a pistol.

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    -Can't go into basically any restaraunts.
    -"No Gun" Signs hold legal weight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rexster View Post
    In Texas, the laundry list of places off-limits to licensed folks is vexing. There are so many places where my wife cannot carry, but I, as a peace officer, can carry, that when together, one the two weapons on my belt is understood to be for her to grab in an emergency. An unintended consequence of no-gun zones is that many weapons are left inside vehicles as a result, and the daily harvest of these guns by car burglars is scandalous.

    Open carry would be a nice option, in the oppressive summer heat. I open-carry in police uniform 50+ hours a week, and really don't understand what all the fuss is about. Yes, open carry does mean being in a heightened state of alert, but then, we should be on such alert, anyway, IMHO, concealed carry or not. (I can actually legally carry openly, being a peace officer, but my chief can spank me for carrying openly when not in uniform.)

    I'm just curious about the vexing laundry list? Would you please elaborate? I thought we were moving along quite well with our CC laws here.


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    Restaurants that serve alcohol, even if the CCW'er isn't drinking. Pretty much only leaves fast food as an option (if they're not posted - curse you Subway).
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    I live in New Mexico and can't really complain. Class III weapons are allowed, concealed carry is allowed, open carry is allowed, carrying open or concealed, loaded or unloaded anywhere in a vehicle is allowed. There is no waiting period or registration, private sales are allowed. There have been numerous reforms, it's now legal to carry in stores that sell liquor for off premises consumption and they're working on restuarants that do serve liquor. I guess my only complaint would be the school thing.
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    I have to revise my earlire complaint of no Open Carry.
    School Gun Free Zones in Colleges, Open Carry, the fact as a Concealed Carrier I can walk out same day with a handgun after buying it, but the LEOs of the state still have to wait several days to take their weapon home!

    I know not what this "overkill" means.

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    (VA) No concealed carry in restaurants, no school property carry
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