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What is your biggest complaint about gun laws in your state?

This is a discussion on What is your biggest complaint about gun laws in your state? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; No open carry, heck we were the first state(FL) to get a concealed carry permit. We should have been the first for open carry too....

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Thread: What is your biggest complaint about gun laws in your state?

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    No open carry, heck we were the first state(FL) to get a concealed carry permit. We should have been the first for open carry too.

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    Not being able to carry into a restaurant that served alcohol for on site consumption.

    But, that appears to be in the process of being corrected!
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    Montana Gun Laws

    Up until now, the lack of a Castle Doctrine. (Just passed by the Legislature, awaiting the Governor's signature.)

    Concealed carry is prohibited in banks & places that serve alcohol. This will likely never be repealed; we're stuck with it.

    A really silly law prohibits CCW on a train. I'm not talking about Amtrak, but rather excursion trains that run entirely within the State.

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    Birmingham, Alabama
    Well, Alabama law doesn't prohibit me from carrying in a restaurant with alcohol, but the sheriff that issued my permit does. I think that is one of the most senseless laws in relation to carrying.

    The state has not however preempted open carry. I would like at least have the option, but primarily it would be nice for clothing malfunctions.
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    Lynden, WA
    I dont really have any complaints for WA, if i had to choose one i guess it would be schools too but i've yet to run into that problem.

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    Dayton, Nevada
    Pretty much that we have gun laws in our state! But then again, I believe the 2A gives any law abiding citizen all the license and law they need.
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    Las Vegas, NV
    My biggest complaint is that's illegal for CCW permit holders to carry on various school properties. You would think that someone who passes the required background checks, qualifications, etc. could be trusted to carry on school grounds.

    These so called "gun free zones" are prime targets for people who know there are no people with guns to stop them. It makes no sense to me.
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    Ohio (and the other 49 states for that matter) - That I have to have permission from the government, which is supposed to work for me to exercise my rights provided by the Second Amendment.
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    That we have to have a permit to carry concealed. Permits, are actually licenses issued by the state. It turns a right into a state granted privelege.
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    Were do I start

    I live in Wisconsin. I should say the United States of Wisconsin, were our Governor constantly infringes upon our rights. Maybe one of these days just one of these days, we will elect someone for the people not for themselves.

    I can see where there are some minor issues with a lot of the states,(at least you have the ability to get a CCW permit) just think about Wisconsin and Illnois not even a chance.

    Need I say more
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    The no school property restriction and the no carry in places they serve alchohol. That would be my pick for NC

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    Amelia Virginia
    For me, it is the ban on concealed carry in restaurants that serve alcohol. Because of "King Kane" I am required to open carry in these places. He has vetoed bills passed by large majorities in the legislature the past two years, saying, "guns and alcohol don't mix", totally ignoring the fact that "open carry" in these places is already legal. And senator Marsh thinks that if we allow concealed carry, someone might bring a gun to a "bar" (Va does not have "bars") with the purpose of committing a murder. I guess he thinks that someone intent on committing murder will get to the door and say, "wait, I can't do this because I'm not allowed to carry my concealed gun into this place"Sorry for the rant, but this rampant stupidity at the top of our state government makes me see red every time I think about it. Hopefully we can correct some of it at the next Gubernatorial election.

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    Rochester, NY
    The more I think about this question, the more I realize my biggest complaint is with the lack of education and elitist attitude of our elected officials. It's as simple as that.

    Being a Law abiding Business owner struggling to make my way through the maze of NYS regulation and harassment, it amazes me that people like Chucky Schumer, Hitlery Clinton and mayor "blockhead" bloomberg thinks they have some right to tell me how to live.

    These type of people claim to be representing "the people", well from what I can see "the people" want to be armed, we WANT the right of self protection.

    So is it a lack of education, or arrogance that makes these numbskulls think they have MORE RIGHTS than me.

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    These comments refer to Kansas where I pay my taxes and my license is issued, and not Missouri where i am stationed.

    Kansas does not recognize licenses from some states, it has no provisions to issue out of state licenses, and it does not recognize non-resident permits from other states. This means if you for example live in California (like much of my family does) there is absolutely no way to carry in Kansas.

    I also dislike the misdemeanor associated with violating a posting. Since we are new at this and there isn't a whole lot of case law, I worry about the specifics of a sign being clearly displayed near the entrance. If the sign is mostly concealed by a cigarette ad, is it clearly displayed? If it's 30' from the door, is it still near the entrance.

    I don't like our sign which is the gunbusters drawn to specific scale and minimum dimensions with a Beretta and no text. 90% of the signs I have seen (including those at government offices) don't fit that description. With no case law, it's hard to tell how much leeway exists for the signage.

    College carry is a no-no, I don't like that. All of the campuses are posted anyway, but it's the principle.

    Church carry is prohibited. I object to this on the grounds that the government shouldn't be interfering with religion.

    Public libraries. I don't use public libraries, but I can't remotely see how they would even consider this a place to prohibit. It makes as much sense as banning carry in an auto parts store.

    Oh yeah, the whole paying-hundreds-of-dollars-to-exercise-a-right thing kinda irks me too.
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    No guns on school grounds. I support some school networks and that's a PITA.
    No guns where booze is served...although that change is making it way through the House/Senete.

    Those are my biggies
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