A new convert buys her first gun

A new convert buys her first gun

This is a discussion on A new convert buys her first gun within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; In my thread Stages of a new convert she was thinking of buying a gun back in December 2008. Today I met her at a ...

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Thread: A new convert buys her first gun

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    A new convert buys her first gun

    In my thread Stages of a new convert she was thinking of buying a gun back in December 2008. Today I met her at a gun store and we bought that Glock 26. They only had one and it had Glock night sights on it. She didn't really want night sites, but since no one in the city had a G26, she sprang the extra bucks and bought it.

    No 9mm ammo though. Makes the gun kinda useless, but we will find some somewhere.

    As we left the store, she asked me if I wanted to get some coffee at the Starbucks across the parking lot. I agreed. She said, "I will just put this (the gun) in my motorcycle carry bag and we can walk over. It will be safe. No one steals stuff from motorcycles." After having her committed to the local insane asylum, we put the gun in my car, drove over to the Starbucks and discussed a few gun related things.

    She was going to go riding with a girlfriend, so I took the gun home with me for safe storage. When she came back, the gun mysteriously disappeared....uh, er, I mean, I wanted to show her a few things. She complained about the night sights at the store so I took her into a dark room and showed her the advantages. Her eyes lit up...well, at least her tone did as she joyously said, "hey, you can see where you are pointing." OK, that was cleared up. I showed her how to field strip, clean, etc.

    She is now going to take her CHL class for both Oregon and Utah, and a few gun shooting classes. Not sure, though, how she will take the classes without ammo, but one step at a time.
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    Keiths sporting goods had some 9mm on hand last Wednesday. I was in their picking up some 00 buck and slugs since they have the best price around.

    If she is still having some problems finding some stuff, let me know, I might be able to scrounge up a few rounds to get her started.
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    Usually the range that holds the CHL classes should have plenty of ammo. Let us know how things turn out, or if they turn up. I've never shipped ammo and no idea about any red tape, but I'd be good for a 50 round box to at least get her through the class for shipping cost alone if that would do it. We shoot 35 to qualify here. I have several brands to choose from.

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    Good for her. She's making progress.

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    Small steps, but she's already ahead of many, and probably ahead of a few spouses here, too!
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    Congratulation for bringing another one to our side !!!
    You did great.

    BTW, IMO, night sights are a must for an SD weapon.
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    I'm happy for her.... Congrats!

    I love the night sights on my G27.
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    Pssst. Try Big 5 for ammo. They don't normally stock a lot so you can't hoard but you can usually buy a box or 2 off the shelf.

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