Siglious day at the range

Siglious day at the range

This is a discussion on Siglious day at the range within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Siglious day at the range Spent a wonderful Saturday up at the range. Sunny day, stripped down to my T-shirt and no one else around ...

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Thread: Siglious day at the range

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    Siglious day at the range

    Siglious day at the range

    Spent a wonderful Saturday up at the range. Sunny day, stripped down to my T-shirt and no one else around for the whole time! I brought my 3 Sigs: 226ST in 9mm, 229Elite in .40cal/357Sig and my 220R, plus my 12’ 870 clone and my CX-4 Storm Carbine in .40cal.
    Started off with holster drills using my 226 with the .22cal subcalbre kit on it. Adding the number of targets and then doing the “El Presidente drill” (spinning around and engaging 3 targets). Finished off the .22cal stuff with strong hand and weak shooting.
    Next put the 9mm slide back on doing reload drills with 6 mags loaded with a couple of rounds each, then started adding in dummy rounds to practice the “tap and rack” drills. Put the 226 away, did standard holster drills with the 229 and then switched to 357Sig and shoot a bit of that. Put the 229 away, pulled out the 220R and did holster drills with it from a dropleg holster.

    Finished off the day with some shoot and move drills with the Storm carbine and some slug target practice with the shotgun. What a great day, felt good about my shooting, got to be alone (having two young ones makes that a special treat!) Got to play with my toys and the 45minute drive there and back was really nice to! Finished the day off by walking my oldest to the park and playing with her. Life is good, I really need to win the lottery so I can do this more often!!

    My toys

    and my daughter

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    I shoot weekly and next week I'm taking a couple to the range to train in safety and handgun shooting,The guy wants to get his CHL,I promote positive firearms ownership every chance I get and will even expend my own ammo to introduce people to the sport
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    good way to spend a weekend
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    Sounds perfect!
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    Nice guns! I love Sigs, glad you had fun this weekend.
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