Major drool factor

Major drool factor

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    Major drool factor

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    Drool YES!!! BUT NOT ON THE GUNS! Not allowed!

    Wow - $35,000 reserve.
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    lol beats my lone pre 64 all to hell and back

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    WOW! I've never heard of .470 Capstick, but I'm a huge fan of his books.
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    Don't mean to hijack the thread but this post leads me to an interesting thought. What's the most you guys have ever spent on a single firearm? I realize this is a set, but whats the most you have invested in a single gun? I'm curious.
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    Close to $1500 for me for a rifle and scope. Handgun max so far is $500 but I am starting to think in 1911 terms, so a new record is not long away. Nice collection at the top, I wonder if they will get a bid..

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    $35,000 reserve.
    Ouch! Have to pass on that for now!

    Most spent on one gun Cougar asks. Difficult in some ways cos when you add stuff total gun value goes way up sometimes. I guess my R9's at near a grand each are ''up there'' but then having put a Leupold on my FAL (which I know, seems odd to some!) - makes that an over-a-grand gun too.

    Doubt I have exceeded this zone of cost tho.
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    Set a new personal record just a couple of days ago ... $2K (after adding on sales tax)
    for a blued Kobra Carry. Oh, is it nice! My wife wanted to know if I was going to actually shoot it and not just put it in the safe. LOL I'm going to shoot it, trust me. :)

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    Bruce, you aren't the only one drooling. Wow!!

    Most spent for a gun.........Well now, I have a few of those. I have about 3 grand in my custom Rock River 1911, about the same in my Wilson Tactical Elite on a STI 2011 frame and my Springfield M21.

    Oh, there is the $5200 spent on the matcching pair of consecutively numbered Les Baer Thunder Ranch Specials in hard chrome.

    They've been posted in other threads, so just click on the links or the pics.

    Here is a pic of the M-21
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Major drool factor-springfield-armory-m21-3.jpg  

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    I can't afford the shells for those rifles. But they are beauties. So far the most was the Kimber CDP $1150,I have looked at the Ed Brown's ($2250) and Wilson's but so far I have not done one of them, "yet". I tinker with the others I get. And now I'm looking into other pistols.

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    lol beats my lone pre 64 all to hell and back
    I wouldnt trade my gramps old pre64, for all the tea in China. Its "value" is far more than $35000, to me. But, drool...Um YEAH!

    I spent over $1300 for my .22-250 Ruger Varmiter, including The 16x Leupold scope, Timmeny(sp) trigger, bi-pod, sling. Sold it before moving to Florida. I spent the $ on Handguns!
    Why? There is no whistle pigs or yotes here , and there is better handgun laws .

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