Oh the feeling, it truely has been too long.

Oh the feeling, it truely has been too long.

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Thread: Oh the feeling, it truely has been too long.

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    Smile Oh the feeling, it truely has been too long.

    The next door neighbor and I went to one of my clients shops and he ended up getting a Ruger SR9 on Tuesday. This is his very first gun. He is in his mid to late 20's. When we got back home, I headed over to my house to get some supper and he did the same. About an hour later I walked across the street to talk to him and he had that s eating grin on his face like folks get when they are doing something for the first time.

    So we come back to my house since he has no bullets and no gun cleaning gear. I tell him I will get him fixed up. We break apart the SR9 and I proceed to clean it up for him. BTW, I hate the little flip lever in the inside of it that if not reset will keep the trigger from operating until the magazine is reinserted (Note to self, check this in future on the SR9). I get it all cleaned and back together and lay it over to the side.

    Next I sit down at the reloading end of the bench and start to make him some ammo. All the time he is over there fondling his new found friend. I get him 100 rds of FMJ, and 50 rds of Hornady XTP that I have had sitting around for a while loaded up. We are talking all the time about pistols etc. all this time he is continually calling the mag a clip and using other incorrect terms for various gun parts. I overlook all of it since this is his day and not mine. The 17th round is a mother in those new mags btw. He is now fixed up. It is about 11 or 11:30, so he heads home and I head inside after putting all the stuff away.

    Well the next two nights I see him across the driveway/street, so I go and talk to him, or he comes across to my garage. He still has that s eating grin on his face, and I come to find out that he is carrying his pistol in his back pocket. I tell him he really needs to get at least a cheap holster for the thing because pocket carry only gives you saggy britches. He agrees, and says he is really concerned about the thing going off in his pants. I ask him, if he has the safety on, and he replys oh yes, I ask him if he has one in the chamber and he says no way, he isn't that comfortable with his new found friend just yet. Well probably a good thing anyway till he gets a holster. I also find out that he has taken it to work in the glove box of his car to show some of the guys he works with that either carry or shoot. All this without one in the chamber. Until he is comfortable, that is good by me.

    I told him that we are going out this weekend to shoot, but he has prior commitments so he isn't going to be able to make it. I know he is just about to die since he his going to be working on a week soon with a new pistol and hasn't had a chance to fire a single round out of it. Maybe I will take off early next Tuesday, (his day off) and take him back out to camp so he can squeeze a few rounds off because I know it is just killing him right now.

    I guess I am jealous, since it has been nearly 30 years since I had my first gun, and even though I am happy when I get one, it just isn't the same. That feeling like your going to explode if you don't tell someone else or don't go over and pick it up to make sure that it really is there and it really is yours.

    End of long winded post.
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    Good story...I remember those feelings too. It has been a long time, but I still get a little giddy 'til I shoot a new one for the first time.
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    It's been almost 25 years since my first handgun but every new one I've gotten since the first has given me a tingle. Good for him and great that you are helping him out, he's in good hands.
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    Good for you for helping a new shooter get his feet on the ground.

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    I just picked up a new one today! Got my BUG PF9 and definitely going through the "giddiness" to some degree. My main carry gun must be feeling awfully lonely!
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    Excellent story, you had just as much fun, you just lived it through him LOL, nothing wrong with that.
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    You sound like a good friend setting him up with some ammo with it being in such short supply right now. Hopefully you will get to go with him to the range and teach him good range behavior as well.

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    Great Story.

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    Farronwolf, great story, and your friend is lucky to have you.
    I know that giddy feeling the first time I had it was 36 years ago when I fired the first revolver. That feeling comes back every time you get another or even pick out another that you have to wait for.
    I rented my next new carry gun three weeks ago and knew it was the one. Unfortunately not in stock yet and no idea when one will come in. Each time I go to the fun shop/range I gaze loving at the counter at the empty spot where it should be, the staff smiles and says "not yet", so I wander over to the rental area and gaze at the rental, they ask "Again?" I say no, just drooling thanks.
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    Good times indeed. I just got another pistol (But not my first by a long shot), and I felt tingly if you will.. I can agree to that, and my friend has shot all of mine, but one day will have his own. He is so full of questions like I was in the beginning. This is a great post, and I thank you for taking us back. I truly appreciated that!!


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    Have you sent him here? He would get a good welcome and lots of good advice.
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    Ahhh, the energy and joys of 'youth'...
    Throw in a new gun and it can be as good as sex and 'basic function regularity'...wait a minute, that's in your 60's...

    In his 20's, that new gun is definitely the second best thing that could happen to him.

    Stay armed...prepare for the 60's, when you may not always have one in the chamber either...stay safe!
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    That's really neat you've brought a young fella into the fold! Your life experiences are transferring to him, and making him a better person. Very neat!
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