Handgun Grip Advice

Handgun Grip Advice

This is a discussion on Handgun Grip Advice within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I continually see the advice that when a handgun is properly gripped, the barrel should be lined up with the bones in the forearm. I ...

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Thread: Handgun Grip Advice

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    Handgun Grip Advice

    I continually see the advice that when a handgun is properly gripped, the barrel should be lined up with the bones in the forearm. I would be very interested in knowing whether that is actually true in practice. I have been shooting handguns for well over 40 years, and possibly it is just my anatomy, but with my shooting grip the bore line definitely points well right of the extended centerline of the radius/ulna bones of my forearm. If I grip it in such a way that they do line up, the grip is decidedly uncomfortable and unstable. Try assuming an Isosceles stance and see how well the barrel and bones line up. If they do line up, your impact point will be so far left you would probably miss a target 10 feet in front of you. Thanks for any thoughts on this subject.

    I just posted this on the USCCA forum, and thought I would try this one as well. I hope that is not offensive to anyone.
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    If you have been shooting and hitting for 40 years then obviously you have found a grip that is perfectly natural to you and works for you personally.
    Stick with it.

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    I'm going to just take a guess that you have short fingers like me. For many handguns, the only way I can even get the pad of my index finger on the trigger is to have the grip slightly turned... then I have to cant my wrist inward to compensate. This is NOT a good thing for me as it's almost impossible to repeat the wrist position every time. Single stack grips are no problem for the most part, and a few double stacks are o.k., but revolvers larger than J-frames are almost always out of my comfort zone for proper grip.

    So, short fingers, or not?


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    Its impossible to get the gun perfectly parallel with your forearm, or it is for me. Just keep your wrist as straight as you can within reason. Seems like most beginners hold the gun with their wrist at approx a 30-45 degree angle from their forearm.
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    Also keep in mind that some guns just will not work for some people due to their grip configuration.

    Folks should try to stick to firearms that point naturally for them.

    I love the Colt 1911 but, just cannot tolerate some Colt revolvers.

    For me that is a shame because I would LOVE to love them but, I can't.

    They are not for me.

    But, that's a good thing because now there are more Colt WheelGuns out there for everybody else.

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    I've never worried about the "line it up with your forearm" thing ... you put the sights on the target and keep them aligned until the loud noise happens. Period.

    From a speed standpoint, the manner in which your hands grip the gun is far more important than how the gun is aligned to your arm.
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    The only time the "line it up with your forearm" thing mattered to me (a Bersa Thunder U/C that was too big for my hand) was when I shot a couple hundred rounds. The webbing of my thumb and the area around it became sore.

    That doesn't happen to me with a properly fitting gun.
    And yes, I have short fingers, too.

    Waddy, I suggest you try some different guns, and find one that lines up better. I traded my Bersa for a Sig P239, and never looked back.
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    I would worry little about what is the 'perfect' grip and more about what works for 'ya......if you have 40 years of accurate shooting under your belt, you might be shooting with your feet...who cares?
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