Pawn Shop finds of the day....

Pawn Shop finds of the day....

This is a discussion on Pawn Shop finds of the day.... within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I hit a few pawn shops on the way home today and I found the following: Springfield XD in 9mm, original case, two clips, holster ...

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Thread: Pawn Shop finds of the day....

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    Pawn Shop finds of the day....

    I hit a few pawn shops on the way home today and I found the following:

    Springfield XD in 9mm, original case, two clips, holster and lock. Listed for $449, will take $400 for it. A few rounds have been put through it but it looked good overall.

    The second store had a Sig P226 in stainless, .357 sig, one clip and an X3 tactical light. Looked god but man that thing was heavy. They wanted $650.

    So..... which one?

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    The XD 9 and 2 spare mags for $400.
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    Which XD 9mm??? There are several variations.

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    I don't know what to tell you. They are both great handguns & both are on my wish list for guns to add to my collection. Personally, I would go with Springfield XD for $400.00. That it one heck of a deal. I'd be on my way to that pawn shop if I had a spare $400.00 lying around.
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    I would go with the XD-9. It is a fine gun and you will not go wrong.
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    XD is my vote

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    Go for the XD; it is almost like a Glock
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    I'd go for the XD also, better to conceal
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    Take the XD. FWIW, all of my recent finds to round out a decent collection have been from the pawnshop.

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    Of those two...another vote for the XD.
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    I recently picked up the XD 9 in a sub compact.... with 1 ten round mag, 3-16 round mags, Galco shoulder rig and some rigid IWB as well as all the usual stuff, had less than 50 rounds through it.... for 400...
    The little thing fits my large hand well, shoots well, and is a fine BUG for my HK USP....
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    I love shopping at pawn shops, and one of my best FFL's is a pawn shop with the best deals. I say go for the SIG P226......just because it isn't an XD!

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    XD 9mm...remember the ammo crisis were in

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    XD if it's for carry. A P226 is a great gun but too large and heavy for carry IMHO.

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    Keep looking and find a Glock Just kidding. I would go with the XD. I have an XD45c and it is a great pistol. But I do carry a Glock more often.
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