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Oldest gun you own?

This is a discussion on Oldest gun you own? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; My grandfather gave me an Arisaka 99 that he got from the japanese in WWII a few years back. I wouldn't dream of shooting it ...

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Thread: Oldest gun you own?

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    My grandfather gave me an Arisaka 99 that he got from the japanese in WWII a few years back. I wouldn't dream of shooting it though, it's a family heirloom.
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    92 years old...gets shot often...a really sweet shooter.
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    Colt Frontiersman...1875
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    My oldest gun is a 22 year old, blued 6 inch Taurus .357 magnum that still shoots sweet as ever.

    My wife loves that gun.
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    May 2009
    Imperial, MO
    I have a Nagant M1895 from 1943 or 45. It is in decent shape and very accurate. For DA, youd need a mule to kick the trigger, but I have read that is how those are. SA is nice. I have an old Egyptian rifle stashed away at my parents that is from early 60s from what I was given.
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    My father gave his Mossberg 20 gauge shotgun model 185s I think. He bought it in 1956, new. It has a poly choke. It still shoots good still

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    Gilbert, AZ
    My oldest gun is my grandfather's Winchester 1890 pump - octagonal barrel, takedown model, .22 Long, vintage 1909.

    The first gun I bought for myself is a S&W 1000 20 gauge shotgun, purchased 1982. Between clay target sports and 25 years of bird hunting, it probably has 10,000 rounds through it.
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    lake arrowhead
    870 12 ga pump...50 yrs old about the same with a 760, 30-06, and a old .22 a cold woodsman, all great shooters

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    St. Charles, Missouri
    My oldest gun was a gift from my Dad. It is a Husqvarna m/1907. It is a 5" steel framed 380. He used to OC it in the 70s when he worked in a bad neighborhood. He also gave me his Bauer Brothers holster.

    It is a 380 so I won't carry it, but if I had to I could beat someone to death with it...

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    My oldest gun is a Smith& Wesson model 2, made during the Civil War. The first gun I purchased is a Remington Wingmaster that I bought on my 18th birthday & still hunt with it today.

    I still have the first gun I ever shot- grandfather's shotgun- hangs over one of our fireplaces.
    I also have the first pistol I ever shot, my dad's Ruger .22.
    I still have the first handgun I bought, a Ruger Blackhawk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by goawayfarm View Post
    My oldest gun is a Smith& Wesson model 2, made during the Civil War.
    In any sort of decent condition, that pistol is worth a couple of thousand.


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    Apr 2010
    Colt Huntsman late 60's model, Best .22 handgun ever
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    This is a great thread. I'm grateful it was revived. It is nice to see and read of folks first guns and some of the oldies they have. It is apparent that the poll didn't cover nearly a wide enough segment of time.
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    I have only owned firearms for 4 years so my longest owned gun is a mossberg 590 I bought for home protection. however my oldest gun is a colt lightning that was owned by my great grandfather, a lawman in the Midwest. From the serial # and my research it appears to be made in 1897. Interestingly it has 2 distinct notches cut into the handle. Let your imagination run wild with why those are there

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    west Texas
    Marlin-Glenfield Model 20, Bolt action .22, bought at Zayres in Laurel, MD in 1971. My wife bought it for me as part of my Texan citizenship requirement. A short time earlier I traded my NY driver license for a TX one. I was well on my way to becoming Texan.

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