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Oldest gun you own?

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View Poll Results: How long have you had your oldest gun?

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    25 3.95%
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    17 2.69%
  • 2-5 years

    30 4.74%
  • 6-15 years

    53 8.37%
  • 16-25 years

    72 11.37%
  • > 26 years

    436 68.88%
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Thread: Oldest gun you own?

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    A gen1 glock 17,yes gen1,no checkering,only changed recoil spring and mags,still a great gun.

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    I did not vote as you did not have a 46 year option You must be pretty young or I am very old. You need an "or older option" or add about 30 years to your poll. The oldest gun I have is a .22 I got when I was 10. Eight years later I got my first handgun. They are 46 years and 38 years old respectively
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    The title said oldest gun I own; the question in the poll was how long have I owned a gun.

    The oldest I own was built in December 1941. The longest I have owned is about 3 years.
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    I've got a Vietnam era SP1 AR-15, close to 40 years old. Shoots great, too. I did put a new barrel on it, so maybe I'm disqualified....

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    The gun I have had the longest--a Remington 550 .22 S, L, LR that my old bachelor uncle gave me when I was 5 months old--1944

    The first gun I bought and paid for myself, a Remington 722 in .257 Roberts at age 14.

    The oldest gun I currently own is a 1918 issue of the S&W 1917 DA in .45 ACP. Also have a 1917 Colt .45 ACP
    of the same year. Dang I sold my original Sharps when I stopped shooting cast bullet matches.

    I have 10 guns that I have owned over 50 years.

    I was given guns by my father, uncle and a long time adult hunting friend and started buying my own when I was working for .50 per hour.

    I am now sharing my guns with my children and grandchildren. My son and daughters were all given .22s and shotguns as youths and urged to shoot competively.

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    Florida, USA
    My oldest and longest owned are one and the same: my grandad's 1890 Winchester octagon barrel .22s gallery gun built in 1913. I guess I took possession of it when I was about 12 years old in 1957. All original except the magazine tube which was replaced from Winchester in the 50's sometime. Right now it needs to go to the shop for a new mainspring - everything else works fine. It fed his family on the Kansas and Oklahoma prairie starting from the time it was new. Great old gun!
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    My 'oldest gun' is a Winchester bolt action .22. I have had it for about five years now. It's been in the family since it was new in 1898.
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    My first shotgun, 27 years young now. Winchester Ranger Youth 20 gauge pump, with both stocks.

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    What a fun thread.

    Mine is a Harrington and Richardson top break 32 caliber revolver. About 1910-20 something like that. Nothing too exotic but a family heirloom as it was the security piece for grand-dad's jewelry store.

    We always thought the pearl handle was neat when we were kids.

    I hope my brother is not reading this as he will wonder how I got it and not him.

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    A Ruger Single Six with a four digit serial number, manufactured early in 1954 (the second year of production for the Single Six, and only 50-100 were produced in 1953).
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    .303 Savage manufacture date 1895
    Still a shooter.

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    The state formerly known as Colorado
    Exactly 40 years ago...Remington .22 short/long/long rifle....given to me by my father...still shoot it now and then, still accurate as all get out.
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    My oldest is a Colt revolver made in 1905
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    Flatwoods/Swamps of Florida
    1962 Ithica .22

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    J.Stevens favorite model 17 .22 single shot lever action. Around 1885.

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