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Oldest gun you own?

This is a discussion on Oldest gun you own? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by JoJoGunn Oldest gun I own: Chilean model 1895 7mm Mauser. Me too. Mine is pretty dang accurate and fun to shoot. I ...

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Thread: Oldest gun you own?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoJoGunn View Post
    Oldest gun I own: Chilean model 1895 7mm Mauser.
    Me too. Mine is pretty dang accurate and fun to shoot. I like the 7x57 cartridge as well.

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    The oldest one I own is a Sear and Robuck, single shot, Bolt action .410 that was given to me on my 10th Birthday,31 years ago. The oldest one I own that I purchaced is a Heritage Rough Rider .22 Revolver that I bought when I was 16 (I paid - Dad Purchased due to laws governing minors and handguns)
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    OK, I now have a "new" oldest gun.

    A friend was helping an elderly woman clear out her house, in preparation for a move to assisted living. On a shelf in the closet was a small shoe box, which contained a little revolver that the woman said had belonged to her grandfather. They asked me to do some investigation and find out more about it. Between the Internet and a curator at the NRA Museum, we were able to determine that this little, 5-shot, .32 rimfire revolver was probably made sometime between 1875 and 1900. Given its condition, it has minimal collector value, so the woman told me I could just keep it - far better for it to be appreciated* than to be destroyed in favor of a $50 Walmart giftcard.

    * I'm an NRA instructor, so I intend to use the little fella as an instruction tool. I have no intention of ever trying to fire it.

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    I have my grandfathers 1951 Ithaca 16 gauge, 1958 Remington 870 and a 1960s Savage .22/.410
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    The oldest gun that I own is an original Remington 1858 44 cal black powder pistol converted to shoot black powder 45 cal cartridge ammo probably in the 1870's. I shot cowboy ammo in it one time. Super cleaned it up and it is just a collector piece now. Ive had this pistol for around 40 years now. I bought it from a collector when I was into black powder a lot years ago and had a chance to purchase an original piece..I have other black powder pistols but are newer builds from Italy that are copies of originals. Those are the shooting pistols if I wander in to black powder. I always wanted an original colt black powder but they r out f my range now in price....I also have a 6.5 x 55 Swedish Mauser small ring that I ve had for years and it has put down a lot of deer and a few coyotes plus one black bear. It was made in the thirties still going strong and will probably outlast me and my grandchildren all put together. A fine rifle that uses a flat shooting bullet. I have a 50 mm scope mounted on it now.

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    The oldest handgun that I own is 2 years old. However I have a shot gun that was made in 1920s.
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    My Grandfather gave me a Remington Model Six single shot .22LR when I was in about first or second grade. It is from sometime in the 1920s. Let my six year old daughter take her first shots with it last weekend, still works just fine
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    My oldest gun is also my oldest gun About 6 years ago I received a M1917 Remington 30.06 military rifle dated to Aug 1918. Still shoots straight and hits hard.
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    1953 Hungarian Mosin Nagant M44, 7.62x54r, bought less than 5 years ago. Refinished the stock by hand myself. Shoots straight and shoots loud....Also have a JC Higgins 581-1101 made in the 1950s' 12 ga. bolt action (actually they were made by High Standard)....
    So, I turned to my partner and said " You do understand this is a Hungarian made, Mosin Nagant
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    Winchester model 12, 1937
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    Fly Over Land
    112 year old Win Model 97. I still shoot birds with it.
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    The one I have owned the longest is an old Iver Johnson Champion .410 single shot. Killed many squirrels with it in my youth.

    The oldest gun I own is a Stevens Ideal .25 Stevens rimfire that belonged to my gr-grandfather, that was made somewhere around 1900.
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    Mossberg 500, bought August first of 2000, I use and abuse it still to this day, and a winchester model 100 I believe it was made in the late 70's early 80's, I haven't done my research on it yet
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    I have a JC Higgins model .22 bolt action that was given to me by my oldest brother. When he returned from Vietnam he stated he had no further use for guns in his life. About 30 yrs ago my home was broken into and all my guns but 2 were taken. I don't know why they left 2 but they would have been the least valuble in a thiefs eyes. They however were the most precious to me, that old .22 and a sigle shot .410 I got for Christmas when I was about 9 years old. So I have had those two for about 40 years. I wouldn't part with either of them.
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    The oldest rifle I own is a Winchester Model 1892 - 25-20 caliber rifle. Its almost 130 years old. This rifle originally belonged to my dads dad.

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