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Oldest gun you own?

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    72 11.37%
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Thread: Oldest gun you own?

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    First gun I bought as soon as I turned 18, a Browning .22 lever action in 1968... N she is still a sweet shooter....
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    Caldwell, Idaho
    A 22 Beretta semi-aut. MOD. 948 bought it used in 1960. I was 15

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    Dec 2007
    New Hampster
    I only escaped mAssachusetts a few years back. My oldest gun is an M1 carbine or M1 Garand, but soon I'll have a pistol from 1923 or so.
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    I have an old 22 lr rifle that dates back to when Hi Standard was making them for Sears to sell under their name.

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    Aug 2006
    55 yrs

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    Member Array SweetSig's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    Chattanooga, TN
    I have my Grandfathers Remington Rolling Block (not too sure of the caliber) manufactured between 1890-1910. I found it not long before I deployed and I didn't have enough time to find caliber and ammo to fire it.
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    Duisburg, Germany
    I AM 26 so I've only been able to own my 10/22 for 21 years ;)
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    Quote Originally Posted by SweetSig View Post
    I have my Grandfathers Remington Rolling Block (not too sure of the caliber) manufactured between 1890-1910. I found it not long before I deployed and I didn't have enough time to find caliber and ammo to fire it.

    does it look similar to this?

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    Dec 2008
    Round Rock, Texas
    My oldest gun was purchased new in 1969 so it is ~40 years old. I was 11 years old when this gun was purchased. It is a .30 cal carbine that my step father purchased when he left the military. I have owned it less than a year since he gave it to me last year. Therefore, if I understood the poll, my correct response should be less than 1 year. The gun that I have personally owned the longest is a Ruger GP100 3" stainless that I purchased new in 1987. I was a technician for National Guardian alarm services. When we were working on security systems, we were responsible for the security of the building we were in. Therefore, I was license to open carry while on duty.
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    Member Array IronMike's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    Eastern NC
    1897 yes I said 1897 mauser broomhandle 7.63 mm still shoot it every year on my birthday!
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    Member Array ImaShepardRU's Avatar
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    Jul 2008
    I have a S&W Model 10 that was sold to Cayuga Security Company in New York, in I believe 1911. I have a letter from S&W denoting it's issue and dates, but would have to look at it to be sure of the dates.
    My Dad bought it in the late 60's to early 70's and it has been mine since my 21st birthday, 27 plus years ago.
    It is now my 22yr old daughter's (still at home) home-security gun.
    She is also a Cowboy Action Shooter.
    Also have a Mauser, but it's been 'sporterized'. (6.5x55)
    Have my grandfathers Remington 700 30.06 that I believe was made in '76 that he had hanging on his homestead cabin wall in Clam Gulch Alaska, (rub marks on the bluing show where!) but I've only had that since my dad passed away 8 years ago.
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    New Member Array srt 10 jimbo's Avatar
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    May 2009
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    A 1936 Tula Mosin Nagant, shoot it every weekend.

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    Member Array Romans623's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    Kansas City, MO
    I have a Remington Model 12a 22lr pump rifle. It was giving to me as a birthday gift from my father in-law. I haven't contacted Remington yet but by the end production date and my serial number I believe it to be manufactured in the 1920s.
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    Mine is a Remington 700 that my grandpa bought about 45 years ago at Kmart(I'm only 21). He has a Colt from the lare 1800s it is awesome holding it in your hands. If I get it I am getting the info on it from Colt, and it is going in a locking shadow box on the wall!!! I got many others to shoot, that one deserves to retire!!
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    I wish that I had been able to keep my first hand gun. I had a 4" S&W .357 revolver, stainless, and it was a nice gun. I was out of work, and my wife had thrown me out and started divorce proceedings. I needed money, so I gave it to a friend who owned a gun shop to sell on consignment. He turned out not to be a fiend, and sold the gun but never paid me. That gun would now be 32 years old. Now, my oldest gun is my Beretta 93FS, and is only 4 years old. It was the gun that got me back into shooting, and led to my CCW.

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