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This is a discussion on Oldest gun you own? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; The oldest gun and the gun I have had the longest are both in the same. A German P-08 Luger from Erfurt Armory 1914 stamped. ...

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Thread: Oldest gun you own?

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    The oldest gun and the gun I have had the longest are both in the same. A German P-08 Luger from Erfurt Armory 1914 stamped. I got it from my father who found it in Germany during WWII. He kept it all these years even carring it in Korea as his sidearm. He said it was a better gun than the 1911 they issued then. (1968) I got it in the late 90's and its been a Safe Queen ever since. Oldest gun you own?-luger-p-08-017.jpg

    Oldest gun you own?-luger-p-08-051.jpg

    Oldest gun you own?-luger-p-08-008.jpg

    Oldest gun you own?-luger-p-08-001.jpg

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    I like your Luger, Mr. Peabody!

    This is a great thread.
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    I have a Liberator,(made sometime during WWII) I think it's the oldest gun I own.
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    My oldest gun is also the one I've had the longest. It's a Colt Model 1908 Pocket Hammerless in .380, vintage ~1915 according to the serial number. I bought it from a now-deceased co-worker who was just opening a gun shop in 1977, and it was also his first gun.
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    Cool thread. This is the oldest gun I own which I have had for about 6 years. It was given to me by my grandpa and is a Smith and Wesson Model 1905 4th change built in 1927.

    This is my second oldest. A Colt M1911A1 built in 1943 and brought back from WWII by me grandma's husband. He gave it to my dad, my dad passed and I just recently became the keeper of this fine pistol.

    I also still have my first 20 gauge single shot and my first .22 bolt action rifle given to me by my dad. I guess I have owned these for ~32 years. Take care...Jeff

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    My oldest gun is a circa 1937 Stevens Model 94 single-shot 20 gauge. I used to hunt squirrels with it.
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    Alvin, TX
    Remington M10 12gauge, 1 Mosin Nagant M38, 5 Mosin Nagant M44, Nagant revolver, and a pre 64 Winchester 94.

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    Oldest Gun....Hmmm.
    probably my 1863 Original Springfield Musket from the Civil War.

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    Tri-Cities, Washington
    Winchester Model 37 12 gauge single shot, 1937-47 tied with Winchester model 94 30-30 1956. Both were my Grandfather's then my Father's now mine.
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    1975-Savage model 99c in 308

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    Feb 2009
    North Coast
    I have 2 colts that are early 1900s + a Remington shotgun from 1920s


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    Jan 2006
    Radom P35 VIS. Circa 1935-1936. Taken off of a German Tank Commander in WWII. My Step-Dad's father brought it back from the war and it passed on to me.
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    Trapdoor Springfield 50/70 made as smooth bore in 1864 and modified as a "Second Allen Conversion" in 1866. I still load for this gun. What a hoot!

    My older one is some sort of British musket stamped 1837 as best I can tell but, there ain't much left of the gun. Just a stock and extremely corroded action and barrel. So, it does not really count.

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    A 1891 Argentine mauser chambered in 7.65X53, perfect condition including the crests on the stock/ chamber. Given to me by my father a few years ago, has been in the family for 3 generations.
    I also have a Marlin Model 90 16ga O/U shotgun, Circa 1937. Both guns are shot on a regular basis.
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    Akron, Ohio
    Bought my S&W model 29 in 1983. It was the first handgun I ever purchased.
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