Shooting Glasses

Shooting Glasses

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Thread: Shooting Glasses

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    Shooting Glasses

    Been around for awhile but mostly lurk. Haven't seen a discussion on this but might have missed it.

    Wearing glasses, getting older, and shooting more I've decided I need to purchase a pair of dedicated prescription shooting glasses. I ran across
    Safevision who seem to have some nice options. Has anyone used their products or service? Anyone aware of other sources for prescription shooting glasses? Want to use indoor, outdoor, sunny cloudy, etc.

    I know I need bifocals, would like light to dark transitions, and a mirror finish if possible. I can be flexible with cost because they are reimbursable via my Medical Flexible Spending plan which saves me about 30% off the cost and they should last for many years. Unless I misplace them.

    Must have the "cool" factor too.

    I'm leaning towards getting the Wiley X: Brick in silver metallic.

    I also like the Wiley X-XL

    Anyone have any experience with foam inserts in safety glasses. I tend to sweat a lot and wonder if they would keep sweat out of my eyes or would you sweat more causing the problem to worsen.

    Anyone tried the ESS ICE Safety Glasses? These might also fit the bill.

    Any experiences and opinions welcomed.


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    I was thinking about those as well. Didn't have any experience with them nor did I know anyone with experience. Just went with a common favorite: Oakley

    Monster Dog with a Bronze lens. Light enough to wear in an indoor range but also dark enough to wear as everyday sunglasses. Can also buy different lenses which I could just pop in if I wanted a change. Also, def have the 'cool' factor.
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    I like Oakleys the best too. I have had Wiley X glasses in the past and they were great but Oakleys are more comfortable and lighter weight in my experience. I have Straight Jackets with polarized lenses and I love them. ESS glasses they used to issue out and I never liked them. Mine aren't presciption though. I would try the glasses on in a store and see how they feel and look before buying though.


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    I have the ESS ICE setup with RX inserts. Inserts are not the way to go.

    Wiley's are tacti-cool, which means corny unless you're a geared up tactical guy.

    I wear RX Oakley and must say that they are the only way to go and have a higher CDI factor.
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    I have an older pair of the Wileys. They are comfortable and seem to be very robust. They will keep the sweat and dust out however, they can have a tendency to fog up under certain conditions. I believe that their newer XLs have a removable gasket so you have your choice.

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    I just need reading glasses. I got a pair of Apex bi-focal tinted safety glasses a couple of months ago and have been using for shooting. Apex Safety Glasses BiFocal Readers Avis Smoked 2.0 - eBay (item 180345872470 end time May-12-09 01:29:28 PDT)
    The regular part of the lense is non-perscription, normal tinted safety glasses but they have a bi-focal insert in the lower part. You can get the bi-focal part from 1.5 to 3.5 power. It's almost impossible to see the bi-focal lense. They look like normal wrap around glasses, are tough, and I haven't gotten a scratch on them even after wearing them every day for a couple of months.
    Apex also has the same style with clear lenses.
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    I wear glasses and rather than getting RX shooting glasses I have used slip overs at the range. This brand (many dealers on the web-just google) fits well and I do not even know I am wearing them. For about $40 bucks I am not overly concerned about a few scratches.

    Cocoon Fit Over Sunglasses


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