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Would You Buy a 10mm Handgun Today?

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Thread: Would You Buy a 10mm Handgun Today?

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    I try to stay with NATO rounds. As long as we have armies there will be ammo.
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    I think the 10mm has enjoyed something of a rebirth lately. I definitely would buy one. No doubt. Very powerful round...and definitely has many applications.
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    Not for me, thanks. I've shot several, and I hate the percussion from the 10mm. It is the loudest, sharpest, most painful (to me) of any pistol round. Even with ear protection, it hurts my ears when I shoot it. I would never buy a 10mm, for those reasons. Balisticly, I love the 10mm, but the percussion is enough to ruin it for me.

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    Yes and will the next good deal on a G20
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    I'll stick with my 45acp.

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    The poll did not list an applicable choice for me. The 10mm is NOT obsolete, and is a very valid cartridge for some applications. OTOH, the platforms in which it is currently available do not appeal to me. I did have a G29 during my Glock days, but got away from Glocks, for various reasons. Large-frame Glocks and N-frame revolvers are too big for my hands. 1911 pistols must be specifically modified to work well for me, with what I have seen described as a "high-cut" front strap, and a quite high-swept beavertail. The "Witness" pistols seem to be prone to problems in 10mm, and the slide serrations do not appeal to me. A 10mm weapon therefore being a custom proposition at this time, I am not sure the 10mm is worth that much trouble.

    I would like to see a 10mm carbine, if made to a high standard of quality.

    If, after I retire, and therefore no longer have to carry DA .40 autopistols, and decide to go back to packing a 1911, I might revisit the prospect of a custom 10mm 1911. Or, perhaps someone will engineer a really good aftermarket Glock trigger, and I will revisit Glocks. Perhaps a 10mm Glock with a real trigger system, and a grip reduction, would be nice.
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    Would not go with 10mm, I am looking to scale back to only 1 type of ammo. I would like that to be the 45ACP
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    Yes. I even had a Hi-Cap 1911 customized for 10mm. I can shoot both .40 and 10mm through this gun with just a barrel and recoil spring swap.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tns0038 View Post
    Regardless if recoil bothers you or not, the biggest problem I see with a 10mm is unless, you’re of pretty good size the recoil is going to be too much for you to be able to deliver multi rounds on target quickly.
    This is an excellent point. While the 10mm might be an amazing cartridge, if you can't comfortably shoot 250 rounds a month, you will be less than effective with it when you need it.

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    I don't foresee a 10mm in my future. I think the cartridge is very good (ballistic) for defensive purposes, but the lack of popularity deters me from ownership (circular problem I know).

    If I were running a military/security/law enforcement agency (where I could obtain standardized ammo in large quantities), it would probably be my caliber of choice. For personal use, I avoid calibers that I can't find at Walmart (ok, I know I can't find any ammo at Walmart these days, but I mean under normal conditions).
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    I'd love to see somebody like Ruger make a carbine chambered for it.
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    I already have bought 3 of them. I currently have only one - S&W 1066. I carried this for over a year and loved the firearm and the round. About a year ago I decided that my EDC should have more capacity and use a round that was readily available. Those criteria removed the .45ACP, 10mm, .40S&W, and 357SIG for consideration and left only the 9mm in the group that I was willing to consider. So I sold one 1066 and bought a CZ 75BD to meet the criteria I set. I added Crimson Trace laser grips to help me put rounds on target. Upgraded the recoil spring to handle +P and loaded up with Federal Premium 124 gr. EFMJ.

    I still think that of all the guns I own and have shot the S&W 1066 is one of my favorites. For the right price I would add another 10mm to my arsenal.

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    Oh I would buy two: Glock 20 and Glock 29 in a heartbeat and on the second heartbeat I would buy all the loading gear for the 10mm
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    I would buy another in a heart beat.
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    yes I would, I am a big fan.
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