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Well, after years of firearm exposier, and practice I was wiping down my guns after a day of shooting.

Wife comes into my "man room" and says "honey becarefull with those guns ok?"

I looked up and said "babe, I'm always carefull....safety first!!"

She goes "I know you are, but just be carefull"

My heart sank, set down my piece, and I got up an gave her a big hug...and said "thanks, I appreciate that"

I know she wasn't saying that because she feels or thinks I'm getting complacent...but she just had to say it out of love for me and understands "just that once" with firearms.

It made a huge impact on me....now EVERYTIME I look, think, or touch my guns. Her voice enters my head and I hear those very words. I apperciate soo much on what she said. Because it's just another layer of safety and conscious action of being safe when in possesion of such a tool.

Thought I'd share.

To my fellow DC patrons....be carefull with those guns ok?

No hugs please...I'm good.
Good Story..

She just cares for you and this is a very good thing.
No one can be too careful with firearms..it just takes
that one mistake.

Read on another board about accidental discharges
it was a scary eye-opener.