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How guns entered my life

This is a discussion on How guns entered my life within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; In my family hunting is a very old, strong tradition. I had an air rifle before I had a bicycle! I was one of the ...

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Thread: How guns entered my life

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    Senior Member Array gregarat's Avatar
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    Jun 2005
    In my family hunting is a very old, strong tradition. I had an air rifle before I had a bicycle! I was one of the few kids in my jr.highschool with several rifles. During 1994 I was the NRA jr.champ in N.Y.S., for 10m precision air rifle.

    My famly isnt very big on handguns(even the family members who have permits). Most of my relitives believe "handguns are only usefull for shooting people. If you feel ya need one, take a good look at your lifestyle". Then again most of my family lives in an area where locks are not nessasary.

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    according to the brady bunch's web site i'm lucky to be alive.
    i've been around guns my whole life.
    my grandfather first took me rabbit hunting when i was 9. no, i didn't hit a thing my first trip.
    after that, my dad started teaching me about them. he was in ww2 as an e.o.d. guy, plus he qualified as expert in .45 and m1.
    the first time i got to fire his .45(13y.o.) was great. i got to try his m1 when i turned 14, but i'll always remember that first shot with his .45.

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    Member Array paknheat's Avatar
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    I was born and raised around guns, Living in a house that did'nt have them in it would seem weird to me. I started wing shooting with my dad and his Marine buddies, got my first shotgun @ 8yrs old, did the NRA smallbore competitions, etc. I passed this tradition on to my kids and now i look foreward to passing it on to my grandsons.

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    Mar 2006
    Cincinnati, OH
    One of my favorite events as a kid were the sunday afternoons me and my dad would go out to the woods and he would let me shoot targets with his Marlin 22. Then I didn't touch them until I got a job that required, and after the academy in 2003 I've just kept adding to my collection.
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    Senior Member Array '75scout's Avatar
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    Feb 2006
    Most of you older guys had it lucky in terms of firearms. I'm 20 and through most of my childhood everyone have become so parinoid. My father told me he used to strap his .22 to his handlebars on his bike and ride out to the dump to shoot rats. You would even dream of such a thing nowadays.

    That being said we've always have firearms in the house and I've always had an interest. I was watching the history channel when other kids my age were still watching cartoons. I'm mechanical and love to see how things work. I remember getting phone calls at my house when I was 5 from my grandparents asking what the heck I did to their "TV clicker". Plus I love loud noises and sending a piece of lead downrange at 800-2500 fps.

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    1951 - 2011
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    Aug 2005
    Hello. A most excellent post and the way things should be.


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    VIP Member Array raevan's Avatar
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    Oct 2005
    grew up with them. single shot bb gun at three, single shot 22 at 5, 303 British at 14, Winchester 30-30 at 15, 22 mag single action revolver at 15, 1911 45acp at 18. Those were just the major steps. age 14-18 I passed through 4 bolt action hight power rifles and 6 different leveraction rifles. from there they kept coming and going. Now I keep all I buy, and bemoan all those I let go.

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    Senior Member Array Wayne's Avatar
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    Aug 2005
    Eugene, OR
    Hmmm, personal, TMI, type experiences when it comes to guns. That's a change, most of the other boards don't like that kind of thing *grin*.

    First memories:

    Besides having cap guns and water pistols without that stupid orange thing on them... the very first was a .177 pellet gun.

    I don't remember the name of the company that made the gun, prob. couldn't pronouce it anyway, for you see it was bought in Holland by my dad when I was young. Before the great Euro gun control stuff that is going on now, they actually had high powered pellet guns that were used in bird hunting. My dad bought one but I wouldn't have had the pleasure of firing it, just yet.

    We moved from Holland to NC and then to GA. I was in transition from the 6th grade to the 7th when my memories of guns came into being. My father and I would sit out on the balcony, in surburbia, and make the fence post ring as each shot connected. I was a natural (well, in my own young mind anyway) but going off to bike, cross the river, and explore was mostly upon my young mind.

    We then moved to Florida, out in the sticks. I had the pellet gun as well as a single shot .22 in my room now. Only took it out when allowed but still, not much interest in firearms. School work and exploring the fields with my dog was tops on my mind. Nevermind that we had shotguns and rifles in the front closet, the 20guage loaded even for snakes (another story that I may tell at the end), and my father, having shown me and telling me to never touch without permission, having a S&W .38 in the nightstand on his side of the bed, my mother a Ruger Single Six on her side.

    Guns, quite honestly, weren't that big of a part of my life. I knew where they were, I knew how the worked, but they weren't anything that I was really interested in. And by the time it came to learn how to drive, and getting my license, and then driving, well, firearms were not the things that I was interested in at the time.

    I then joined the military and at the age of 18, could fire an M-16 during basic and a pistol as well but for some odd reason, couldn't just go out and buy one (either or).

    My first pistol purchase, when I turned 21, was more of a fluke then anything else. I walked into a pawn shop, as now, then I loved to go "window shopping" in pawn shops. I saw the guns on the rack and was watching as this guy way looking at them. He seemed to be highly interested in the pistols so I just watched. As he handled a few and then left I decided that I too wanted to look and handle.

    This was in the days before the brady bill but still in the days of the yellow form. As I looked and handled a few, a Colt .45 as well as a Ruger GP-100 5.5in, I fall in love with the revolver. Don't ask me why, maybe it was because my fathers and mothers gun were revolvers, I don't know.

    I walked out with the GP-100. I think after that, I was hooked. While in NM I also bought a Ruger 9mm, the P-89 and I thought, that was enough. My interest then turned to partying and "hanging out" as well as going up in the canyons every now and then to go shooting with friends.

    Then I had the luck of being stationed in NY. Beautiful state, stupid laws. For over 2 years I would not see or handle my GP or my Ruger until I had left. Luckily, they did allow me to have my M1 carbine, I guess that a rifle was not as dangerous as my weaker handguns, but I learned about the RKBA while there. I couldn't even have my own property with me without permission from the state and they weren't about to freely give it.

    I then PCS'd to Georgia, again, back to the land of the free and the home of the chicken gizzard (damn, I miss good ol' southern food). I went from NY to GA without any arms on me and decided to stop and see my sister. I went to the gun shop and due to my orders which I had in hand, I was allowed to buy a pistol if I wished! But, GA had (do they still have?) a 3 day waiting period if you didn't have a CHL. I bought a Bryco .380. Hey, don't yell at me for the choice, remember, I was unarmed, going to Valdosta, and my guns were in freight. I'm not paranoid but I knew the world isn't such a great place to live without being able to protect your own.

    So I got the Bryco. $99 bucks, that's all this poor Airman could afford at the time. Got the gun and then drove to my duty station in Valdosta.

    It exploded from there. Rifles, mostly Pistols, getting to be a regular in the local pawn/gun shop (Valdosta Pawn IIRC, it could have been Valdosta Pawn and Gun, can't remember). Got my first CHL in GA and spent allot of hard earned money on pieces of metal and wood.

    Then went to Idaho (didn't buy any guns there, just got my CHL) and then now here to Oregon where I've at least doubled my collection, no thanks to having (and just renewed) my C&R.

    I do wish that instead of being born in '68, that I could have gotten guns beforehand just to have felt the real taste of freedom, but I feel lucky that I was able to do so in a somewhat less restrictive way then it is today. I am grateful the lessons that I learned while in NY (back then, the internet was just starting up and even though I had AOL, it wasn't the same as the boards of today) and what could happen if the laws as they had/have spread across the USofA.

    I had previously mentioned that I had "burned out", too much peer pressure to "hold some kind of road" and to be treated as a felon or worst by those that one thought had more sense besides a zero tolerance rule that they ***** about on other issues but have gladly taken it up as their own, but after thinking about it and writing this entire post, it's gotten me re-energized to get back into the fight and to ensure that I do what I can to give back to those that never had it, the real feeling of freedom, even if mine was somewhat restrictive compared to those that are older than I.

    I will tell you the truth, it was the gun community that was pushing me away from guns in general, with the double standards that they were imposing, but now, I think that I've been re-energized, thanks for the help.


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    Member Array IndianaDean's Avatar
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    Grew up with em. Played with toy guns very little, shot a bb gun in my backyard in the middle of town against an old shed as a backstop as an older child/young teenager, then started shooting .22s.

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    1952 - 2006
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    Las Vegas, Nevada
    I shot my Uncle's 4" Python with with target 38's when I was about 10. I was hooked. When I was 14 I got a Crossman Model 610 .22 cal. pellet rifle. A simular gun in power to a Sheridan Blue or Silver Streak. I shot hundreds of jack rabbits, thousands of birds, (those pesky things kept invading my plum tree, and I love plums), and bunches of other critters. It was a quite powerful little rifle as well as an accurate one.

    Now all of this occured in Torrance, Ca. Southwest of LA near the beach. Back when I was a kid it was mostly strawberry fields and vacant lots the size of a city block. I could walk down Hawthorne Blvd., see a jackrabbit in the field and pop him. After picking him up a local cop came by once and looked at me with my rifle and jackrabbit and said, Got one huh? Good shooting!".

    Just try to imagine that today.

    Here is an example of what event will happen in today's world:

    A friend of mine had bought his son a Daisy Red Rider BB gun for his 10th birthday. This friend has a house that sits on the front of the lot and a long driveway goes down the side of the house to the garage in the back yard. Along side the driveway, separating the neighbor's house from his is a long fence thickly grown with ivy. My friend and his son were in the backyard in front of the garage maybe 10' from the door. The door was open and set up on a picnic bench in side the garage are some dixie cups for targets. The son is on his knees shooting into the garage with father over his shoulder coaching him. Suddenly a tactical entry team storms the driveway and puts father and son face down in the driveway. The remainder of the team evacuates the house of mother and daughter at gunpoint to lie facedown in the front yard. All of this occured because a neighbor reported to police that a man was in his driveway with a gun.

    After that it was a Winchester model 190 .22 auto loader.

    Then came the US Military Special Forces. Whoo Hoo!! toys galore!!

    Been that way ever since.
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    Member Array Shekkian's Avatar
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    During the year 2000, I was driving a truck for work, and, bored with the same old music channels on the radio, I got hooked on talk radio. I heard Charlton Heston do a pitch for Gun Owner's Action League, the gun rights group in Massachusetts. the way he stated it made sense to me and I started investigating the issue. I bought gun magazines and joined the NRA. Hovever, it wasn't until after 9/11 when I bought my first handgun, a cheap .380 pistol, at a gun show.

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    VIP Member Array PatrioticRick's Avatar
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    Rigby, Idaho
    I put exposed through job, LE, Military, Etc. But started with that first BB gun as a kid, then moved up to 22. at 18 had to qualify with a pistol for a armed security job, qualified first time shooting a pistol and it grew from there.
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    I've enjoyed shooting and hunting for as long as I can remember. I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin, so guns were just part of the landscape. Started with a Red Ryder, then graduated to my very own .22 when I was 9. We had a family that deer hunted on our place, and they all chipped in to get me a little old used bolt action single-shot. Probably the greatest day ever! When one of their boys turned 9 I gave the rifle to him, and it has been passed on once more since then.

    Now I'm looking forward to getting my little girl into shooting. Since she's only two, I have a few years to figure out what to get her. First order of business just HAS to be a Red Ryder, and I'm thinking Taurus M62 pump carbine after that. I can't wait!...
    "Speed is fine, but accuracy is final." - Bill Jordan

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    Jan 2005
    I grew up shooting. strong family tradition. My great grandfather was from the hills of W. Virginia and hunted from childhood for food. My dad taught me how to hunt and shoot. He still uses my grandfathers old model 12 and had great grand dad's too. same with the old model 94 for deer.
    I kinda took to it and expanded , shooting competition as a junior shooter as well as LE training.
    "In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock." Thomas Jefferson

    Nemo Me Impune Lacesset

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    Member Array tele_mark's Avatar
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    Feb 2006
    Watching what happened in NOLA convinced me to get my CCW. I've been licensed since last December, and already have a 12 gauge, .40 P99, Airweight, and a reloading setup. More to come....

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