Would someone please define for me what an illegal gun is

This is a discussion on Would someone please define for me what an illegal gun is within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; It is a gun that has made its way over the border w/o a green card...

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Thread: Would someone please define for me what an illegal gun is

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    It is a gun that has made its way over the border w/o a green card
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    What's an illegal gun?

    It's the same thing as an assault rifle.

    It is what the ignorant say when they have a microphone in front of their faces, in order to make a statement with impact. These statements with deliberate misleading action words are meant to get a certain reaction, they are what you and I would call a lie. A deliberate lie.

    Why they say it is more important than who or how often.
    "Words can be as lethal as bullets; Choose them carefully, Aim them well & Use them sparingly."

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    An illegal gun is any gun that can make a bland news story seem that much more sensational.

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    IMO an illegal gun is any gun that has snuck across the border from Mexico. It makes me mad when I think about all of the law abiding guns waiting to move here and these rotten guns just come here illegally. Those pesky guns just have no respect for the law!
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    In court... there is no such thing as an illegal gun since a "gun" has no legal standing in court.


    One can "use" or "possess" or "buy" or "sell" or "build" or "modify" a gun and the ACT is illegal. Since it's done by an "entity" (person or organization) with legal standing... the ACT may or may not be legal.

    This is where both sides show laws and/or facts to support their case (and the DA has to do it "beyond a reasonable doubt"). IANAL.

    But that's too much truth for those who want to deny people access to guns in the USA. This includes those who tell us that they report the news (they really don't "report" anymore and I don't call them journalist anymore either - why?).
    “We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm” - George Orwell

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    You go down and talk to certain folks, who then sell you a stolen gun for $250 that's a $900 gun.... and suggest you don't admit you have it.

    A woman/man in the middle of a divorce, and the man's attorney was arguing that she return the man's gun that she took..... her comment... "oh, you mean that stolen one of yours ??? ". The Judge ordered deputies accompany her to retrieve the gun and check it out.... which they did. They then arrested her husband for having an "illegal" gun in his possession and he went to jail.

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