Lifespan of small guns.

Lifespan of small guns.

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Thread: Lifespan of small guns.

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    Lifespan of small guns.

    Lifespan of small guns.

    I'm not talking about shotties or range guns.

    More like a Kel Tec P3AT or 32..How many rounds
    could one fire before it goes belly up? 5k 10k etc?

    Do you think a small revolver would out last a auto?

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    That depends on lots of variables.

    The ammo you shoot.Defensive ammo, target ammo? How you maintain the gun, cleaning, lubrication,type of lubrication.

    Will a small revolver last longer? That depends on the quality of the revolver vs. the quality of a small semi.
    I doubt that a ROHM or RG revolver would outlast a small Walther or a Colt semi. On the other hand, I doubt that a semi Hi Point or a Raven would outlast a small Ruger,Colt, Smith, Browning revolver.

    Generally a revolver is easier to maintain than a semi.

    Its more about the Shooter than it is the gun.
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    Hard to say, parts break or wear abnormally for a lot of reasons.

    It is impossible to say that this Kel-Tec will fail before this S&W.
    However, statistically, probably; but statistics won't help when you try to protect yourself ...
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    If it is a well built quality weapon it should last as long as a larger caliber gun if maintained the same way.

    As to revolver over a semi. As HotGuns said, due to the simplicity of a revolver versus a semi a revolver will probably outlive a semi, if maintained properly.

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    If you shoot a Kel-Tec until you wear it out, just send it in for a replacement or refurbishment. They have a lifetime warranty.

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    Personally, I can't see anyone firing ten thousand rounds - or even one thousand for that matter - through a small "J" frame type revolver or Kel-Tec pistol because your hand will wear out before the gun does! Snubbies and pocket pistols are NOT range guns. As is often said of all guns of this type, they are built to be carried a lot and shot a little.

    If you were to fire 100 rds a month (a reasonable amount, even high for this type gun) it would still take you 10 years to reach that potential wear point. OTOH, if someone really planned to shoot a K-T that much, the parts most subject to wear are relatively inexpensive springs and possibly the barrel so just buy a few extra parts and not worry about it. As for small revolvers like J frames, the same advice applies to them as the pistols (aside from the parts). Also, they should last as long as their bigger brothers if not fed a steady diet of hot ammo or are abused in some way.

    Shoot them enough that you feel comfortable with the gun, you can hit your target at realistic distances for that gun and let it go at that.
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    If you can shoot my KelTec P-3AT enough times to wear it out, you should register your 'trigger finger' as a dangerous weapon...

    It's not a fun gun at the range, and you're not going to wear it out.
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    I have J frames and some small semi's that are over 30 years old and still working great.

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    As Sharptop said buy a Kel Tec or a new Bersa Or Ruger, Or Taurus, or Smith or whatever, Shoot them till the cows come home and if it wears out send it back, Im pretty sure all of these have a lifetime warranty to the original owner anyways, And Taurus dont care if you are the 101st owner they will fix it, so shootem up.
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    Yeah I wouldn't worry about wearing a mouse gun out, however make sure you watch out for the recoil spring however, they can wear out pretty quickly on some of those. I remember one that was exceptionally small and its recoil spring had to be replaced every 2-300 rounds.

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    Before I purchased my P3AT I called Kel Tec to ask them this very question and was told the pistol's service life was 10,000 rounds. The answer was delivered rather flippantly but perhaps the fellow had already been asked the question 50 times that week. I've owned a 2nd generation P3AT since December of 2005 and am coming up on 1500 rounds fired through it so I have a ways to go.
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    A good, quality firearm should outlast you, and go to your grandchildren, depending on it's level of use/abuse. If you're talking about a .32, there should be no problem with "hot" ammo.
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    By the time you wear a gun out through shooting, you will have spent a small fortune on ammo. Compared to that amount the purchase price of the pistol was chump change. Also, most good small pistols have a lifetime warrenty - just send it back and you will get a new one or yours rebuilt to new specs.
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