Sig SRT question

Sig SRT question

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Thread: Sig SRT question

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    Sig SRT question

    Ok I have a question that may sound silly but before I save up to drop around $1000 for a gun I'd like to know the answer. I have looked into the srt that sig has on its pistols. Please let me know if I am correct on this. It seems to me that after you fire the handgun threw the first DA trigger pull the trigger travel forward is significantly less than the standard single action trigger pull of a sig. With that being said and hoping I am correct my question is, if I cock the hammer back on the first shot will it automatically put my trigger into the very short trigger pull that the srt has? Thank you all for your time and for always being here to answer my questions!!
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    Short reset trigger. Here is where you may be misunderstanding the concept just a tad bit. The SIG SRT trigger does not shorten the overall travel of the trigger itself from the forward position which is what you'd be doing when you pull the hammer back for the first shot. Reset is the position where after you fire the first shot and ease the trigger forward just enough to re-engage and be ready to fire again. If you have a DA/SA model and pull the hammer back manually, that would put you in the SA mode of the pistol no matter what, and your trigger will travel the same distance it always does from the forward position, but at the lighter 5lb or whatever in SA mode as opposed to the 8lb or so of the DA mode. It's after you fire the first shot holding the trigger back then easing it forward to RESET only that gives you the shorter length of trigger travel in order to fire the subsequent shot(s). I think they call that 'riding the sear' which could lighten the pull even slightly more from the normal 5lb or so normal SA trigger pull. You'll still need to fire the first shot in DA or SA mode from the longer trigger travel no matter what the pull weight before you'll be using the benefits of the SRT trigger. I'm a Glock man, and my one and only SIG pistol is already a SA. I use the trigger reset to my advantage with both, but I'm no SIG expert and hope I have explained things well for you in the way I understand them.

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    RamRod is correct, in that the first shot, DA or manually-cocked-SA, will be the same as a non-SRT SIG. Whether you call it "riding the sear" or "catching the link" or whatever the term of the day, it is the RESET that is shortened. As I understand it, if you don't ride the sear, and then pull from the short reset position, and instead let it return to its at-rest position, it will revert to the normal reset position. This is what seemed to be the case when I handled one.

    Some folks badmouthed SIG because the reset was longer than many other pistols, so SIG introduced a remedy/answer. I am a fan of the DAK system, so have no use for SRT for now, though I did investigate it. I am so used to letting my DA revolvers and DAK SIGs reset fully, I would have to really work at learning to take advantage of the SRT. I do indeed know how to use a short reset, in my superb Les Baer Thunder Ranch Special. The Baer feels so different from a sixgun or SIG, that I expect the short reset without having to think about it.

    Just to be clear, I am not being critical of SRT, just saying I don't want it right now, for my purposes.

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