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45acp - Big & Slow and Small & Fast!

This is a discussion on 45acp - Big & Slow and Small & Fast! within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Freedomofchoice This is a good read on the subject. This guy works in a busy morgue in Atlanta, and sees many gun ...

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Thread: 45acp - Big & Slow and Small & Fast!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedomofchoice View Post
    This is a good read on the subject. This guy works in a busy morgue in Atlanta, and sees many gun shot wounds.

    Terminal ballistics as viewed in a morgue
    A very long read, but I think this guy clears things up very well.

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    Good Read!!

    and like every other new piece of info I get...I got me thinking that as for calibers go, i should consider these 3.


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    I was recently shooting my .45 (just picked it up) and had a hard time keeping 230 grain FMJ on the paper. As soon as I find some lighter ammo I think I will be a little more accurate, as far as knockdown power (by looking at the damage to the wooden target) could only imagine what this would do in a defensive situation.

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    Still, when all is said and done, it is only a pistol round.
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    I'm a firm believer in using the best thing I can for the application. As far as handuns go [which seems to be the major point of discussion] I keep a good old slow moving .45 on the nightstand chock full of 230 grain Golden Sabre hollow points. The maximum distance I will ever need to shoot this weapon from its location is 15 yards and more likely 10. This is what I practice with this weapon using IPSC targets. My outdoor carry is a 10MM longslide with a 15 round clip full of 165 grain Golden Sabres. This handgun can serve as a coyote/groundhog basher or, in a pinch, be used for self defense at the greater distances encountered outside.

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    Big and slow, or small and fast...I don't think the BG would be able to distinguish the difference. More important is how well you shoot with either and how well the sidearm performs. OMO
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    Light and Fast?

    Somewhere in my acquisitions, I found some 155 SWC .45 ACP bullets. Yeah, 155 grain.

    With a fairly stiff dose of Bullseye, I got it to operate the slide on a Government Model. I failed to record the velocity, but if my memory serves it was around 1150-1200 fps and that was the lightest load to function the slide reliably. Recoil was odd. It wasn't heavy, but quick and snappy.

    Just for the record, a coroner or medical examiner's opinion of what works best is limited to what kills, not what stops. I've read far too many reports from medical examiners who say idiotic stuff like "... the person shot in the heart with the .32 automatic was just as dead as the person shot with the .44 Magnum..." Yeah, they're dead, but dead (later) doesn't mean 'harmless' at the time of the shooting.

    The malefactor Michael Platt of Miami FBI shootout fame, was actually killed by the first round that hit him, early in the fight. (It tore off the top of one lung and damaged the other. The would was 'non-survivable'.) However, he was not stopped in any satisfactory meaning of the word.

    I have much more faith in the cumulative wisdom of eye-witness accounts of shooters and participants than medical examiners with a cold body on the table.

    Personally, I prefer a 106mm recoilless rifle. But they are hard to holster comfortably.
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    In a full size 1911 I don't have a problem with 230 grain bullets. But in my Star PD I prefer 180 grain bullets. Kicks a lot less, so my recovery time to the next shot is much quicker.

    The kicker is I prefer to carry a 9mm. Go figure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by billfromtx View Post
    I think i have the best of both worlds...I've been shooting 185gr Cor-Bon 45acps...Shoots point of aim at 25 yards and scooting along at about 1100 FPS


    Shoots flat and accurate, thanks to it's high velocity against lower than 230 gr. but not low mass.
    Although I also do swap to a full size 1911 9MM running Corbon DPX in 115gr. weight which also is high velocity.
    It's like shooting a pneumatic nail gun. Low recoil, snappy but it gets back on target very quick as the slide cycles like the hammer arms on a Smith-Corona.


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    I shoot best with 230gr, follow ups are faster as well. Got Dots here. That said: shoot what works for you.
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