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Thread: Your Perfect Revolver

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    Factory? S&W...3 inch 66 that has had a big dose of the Performance Center...action job, barrel crown, bead blast with bright polish cylinder turn line.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BAC View Post
    OD, BMC, et al., what's the man differences between the Colt revolvers and comparable S&W revolvers?

    The S&Ws vs the Colts were in the lock work and the way the revolvers "lock up." In addition, it was the amount of hand fitting and the extra time spent on the polishing to achieve the "Royal Blue" finish the Pythons received.

    Quote Originally Posted by shooterX View Post
    Nice OD I's mine....
    Thank you. You have a fine example yourself.
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    I'm in love with my 4" 686-4(plus). IMHO is the perfect revolver; super accurate, nice trigger pull and 7 rounds of 38 or 357.
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    Another vote for the S&W 4" 19 or 66.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy W. View Post
    Another vote for the S&W 4" 19 or 66.
    A great all around revolver. My Model 19 has the 6" barrel. It's great for the range and the field but less than ideal for concealed carry. I have a Model 15 with a 4" barrel, 38Spl that gets carried frequently and seems ideal for me since I seldom shoot magnums in a K Frame anyway.

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    I have always owned S&W revolvers, I started with a .22 LR kit gun grew into 686. Compared to other brands, except Colt, they fit my hand better and the trigger is sweet right out of the box.

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    "I have a Model 15 with a 4" barrel, 38Spl that gets carried frequently and seems ideal for me since I seldom shoot magnums in a K Frame anyway."

    Yea Model 15's! An excellent revolver that is an overlooked underdog in the handgun world.

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    I have to have two. My experiance isn't as vast as a lot of folks here but...

    I love my Ruger .44 SA Super Blackhawk with a 4+" barrel hanging on a 3" wide gun belt.

    But you'd have to have a compact CCW revolver too so I think I'd go for a spurless hammer version of an SP101.
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    Load the CNC tape backwards, and make me a left handed S&W 640.
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    The standard 3" K-frame fixed sight S&W. Wish they still made it. Wished I had never sold mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arisin Wind View Post
    Then that's a Model 66.
    Okay then, a 66 it is.

    I also have great affection for the Colt Python .357 in 4", but for it to be "perfect" to me it has to be stainless. I had a chance to buy a Python from my uncle for $300 bucks when I was a teenager, but like most teenagers, I didn't have $300. Too bad.
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    I would have to say a Ruger GP100 with a 3 1/2" barrel. Some heavy bevelling to the frame would be in order to cut down on weight and to make it more carry friendly. Slab the sides of the barrel. Of course you would still want it strong enough to take a full pounding to 357s. Grips that are just big enough to get all your fingers on with finger grooves that fit my hand perfectly.

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    Bring Back the Break-Tops!

    Break Top Pocket Snubbie

    * Chambered for 9mm on full moon clips, with a cylinder just long enough to accommodate the 9mm cartridge, and no longer.

    * Break-top action similar to the old Webleys & Enfields.

    * Aluminum or scandium alloy frame & bbl shroud ; steel or titanium cylinder.

    * Round butt like the S&W J-frame, but sized like the old S&W I-frame that chambered various .32s and low-pressure .38S&W. As such, it would be 5 shot.

    Break Top "Bulldog" Re-Creation

    Similar to the above break-top snubbie, but on a medium frame and chambered in .45ACP and be a 5-shot cylinder. 2 1/4" bbl

    Break Top "Fighting" Revolver

    Similar to the above, but on a large frame with a 4" bbl. With a scandium or alum alloy frame, chambered in .45ACP. But, the sporty types would be able to get one with a frame made of titanium or steel chambered in .357mag, .44mag, .45winmag, or other higher-pressure cartridges.

    Remember, this:
    Modern Firearms - MP-412 Rex revolver
    has already been made.


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    Exclamation My Perfect Revolver(s)


    S&W M629

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