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Stupidest stuff you've seen in a gun store...

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Thread: Stupidest stuff you've seen in a gun store...

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    True, I didn't see it, but my friend, as a kid went with his father to the gun store to return an Ithica Pump shotty that would fire whenever a round was racked into the chamber (slam firing, but without a finger depressing the trigger).

    Told the young man behind the counter what is was doing, Young man said, hmm, let me take a lok at that. Before anyone could stop him, he popped a live roun into the tube, racked it and destroyed the display case between them. . .

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    I know that everyone working in a gun shop has to start somewhere or have their 'first day', but those who know nothing about pistols or caliber trying to give first time buyers info (incorrect info) is very frustrating.
    Thinking back when I first started CCW, I remember the incorrect advice or interest in just 'selling' a gun versus making sure the customer will have a 'usefull and practical' firearm for carry, and that still bothers me...knowing that there are so many 'just sell the gun' gun shops.
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    Sales lady to me while looking at a PS90 behind the counter: "That's the one that will go through bullet proof vests".
    "and suddenly I can not hold back my sword hand's anger"

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    ^^^ Anyone trying to convince someone that vest is "Bullet Proof"
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    A few years ago Blow Guns were popular. This gun store had a dart board on the wall and to demonstrate sent them a flying. I watch a demo one day and the front door opened. This guy saw what was coming down and he just turned around with out stopping went right back out the door. The BG and DB were gone a week later when I came back.

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    How about the cocky attitude displayed by a large portion of gun store employees. Here's a hint, try being genuinely helpful.
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    I will apologize in advance for being a little off topic. This didn't happen in a gun store but it did happen on the range. This older gentleman in the booth beside me, (outdoor range). Fired a couple of rounds down range when the instructor called a seize fire to get ready for a safe line so new comers can hop on line. The gentleman did'nt even make sure his gun was "safe" before he waved it around asking why we had to stop. I myself hit the ground and the instructor came over the the elder man and...lets say...vented a little. The elder man was kicked out and banned from the facility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paco View Post
    That was stupid on many levels. I can't decide on which reason to start with, the pulling a gun out of your waist band in a gun store or being so careless as to sweep another shopper.
    Having a firearm pointed at me happens nearly every time I'm in a gun store.


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    A PINK ... AR-15. I'm sorry... they are called "black rifles" for a reason. Pink just somehow doesn't fit. Neither does the "purple" one they had there too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bunny View Post
    Woah, I was going to say "a pink derringer" at first, but never mind, that's not quite what you meant!

    I haven't seen any dumb stuff going on at the two local shops I patronize, and after reading the above, I'm VERY grateful!
    It seems I had the wrong idea also. The first time I walked in the new gun store looking for a cheap pocket holster I didn't know what the protocol was so I unloaded my pistol in my car and brought it in the store unloaded without a magazine in the well. When I showed the store owner what type of pistol it was I stood at the end of the counter and pointed it at the floor and I was about 2 feet from the wall myself. Whenever I look at pistols there I make sure I am closest to the wall and pointing it down. I think I am doing it safest for everyone involved.
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    Two dumbest things I've observed were both on the part of customers involving scoped rifles.

    First one. Customer comes walking in with the scoped rifle he had purchased in the store a few days before and presents the target he had fired at and then asks them if they could adjust his scope for him. Sorry, but if you're not sharp enough to turn the turrets on a scope, you probably shouldn't be handling a high powered rifle.

    Second one. Customer comes in and buys a new rifle (Weatherby if I remember correctly) and tops it with a Leupold scope. Then asks the counter person if they could mount the scope (that's o.k.) and bore-sight it for 300 yards as he was leaving the next week on an Elk hunt.

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    Um, I don't know anything about rifles or scopes, so I didn't get the above. Guess I'll have to say "ME" when I think about the dumbest thing I've seen at the Fun Shop now!

    Quote Originally Posted by Eagleks View Post
    A PINK ... AR-15. I'm sorry... they are called "black rifles" for a reason. Pink just somehow doesn't fit. Neither does the "purple" one they had there too.
    That's because you're not a girl. They are CUTE! Ever see the pink one with the Hello Kitty character on it? They call it the "Hell Kitty" AR-15.

    I'm KIDDING. Lots of things are cute in pink-for-girls. Guns, however, are NOT. If you can't use it without freaking out because you might break a nail, it shouldn't come in pink. Period. And I'm saying this as a very girly-girl.
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    Aside from safety issues, about the dumbest thing that I see happen, is that some (not all) gun sales people sometime develop an attitude and not very proactive about waiting on customers. Granted lots of customers want the sales to pull out guns from the counter so they can look at them, then they don't buy, but that's called shopping and just part of it. My wife does that with shoes a lot.

    I walked in a gun place (chain store) once to buy a pistol they had, kept standing around the counter waiting on the kid (who didn't know me) behind the counter, who was just leaning on the counter day dreaming, and just 10 feet away. After quite a while he decided to ask me did I need any help. In summary, I didn't buy a gun from them and I remember using the phrase, "am I invisible" and certain other words, in my departing conversation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PastorPack View Post
    How about the cocky attitude displayed by a large portion of gun store employees. Here's a hint, try being genuinely helpful.
    I couldn't agree more, there is a gun store near me that I will NEVER set foot in again because of the attitudes of nearly all of their employees.

    Also, I firmly believe that if you don't know the answer to a question, the best thing to do is acknowledge it and try to find someone who DOES know the answer. Far too many people working in gun stores want to act like they are experts on everything.

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    The dumbest thing I ever saw was when I went to purchase my 44 mag

    I asked the sales guy if I could see a S&W 629 Classic. the store was pretty much empty except for a couple other sales guys

    he hands me the weapon and starts yapping about how great S&W is. I make sure it's empty, I point it in a safe direction and dry fired it a couple times and commented that the trigger pull was not as smooth as I thought it should be. The dumb-jerk takes the gun, pulls the hammer back, holds the weapon next to his ear and pulls the trigger. Then he looks at me and says "Thats about a 11 pound pull, and it don't get much better than that"

    I give him a very confused look (my wife starts to giggle) so he does it again?? ~~~~ Pulls hammer back, holds it to his ear and pulls the trigger and says "yep, that an 11 pound pull, very nice"

    Me and the wife burst out laughing, the guy looks at me like I'AM NUTS, and I start heading towards the door laughing like crazy.

    One of the other sales guys (an older guy), comes RUNNING over to us, he tells the guy to go take a break and starts to apologize for "the new guy" and tries to sell me the 629. I told him (still smiling) "there is no way I would by a firearm from a store that had clueless, unprofessional people behind the counter" he counter with what if I discounted the firearm. I said how much..............

    long story-short, after much dickering I got a 629 Classic w/5" barrel for $475........hey I ain't cheap, but I can be bought

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