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How Can You Post the Street???

This is a discussion on How Can You Post the Street??? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I see a law suit against the businesses coming. As long as it is a public street they cannot restrict access. If they wish to ...

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Thread: How Can You Post the Street???

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    I see a law suit against the businesses coming. As long as it is a public street they cannot restrict access. If they wish to post their businesses that is their right, but to attempt to restrict access to a public street they are in violation of the law. Hopefully the TN grassroots organization will force the issue.

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    The problem is the fact that the vast majority of "sheep" that frequent these locations think this is just wonderful and feel good about it. After all, what self respecting criminal would dare think about violating their signs and rules?

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    Somebody needs to have that challenged in a court of law.
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    Tell me this is some kind of joke.
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    I have NO reason to go there.. I don't see how they would enforce that?? Unless they have barricades up and guards that are screening people with metal detectors????

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    Quote Originally Posted by TucAzRider View Post
    I have NO reason to go there.. I don't see how they would enforce that?? Unless they have barricades up and guards that are screening people with metal detectors????
    That is the plan--evidently the current thinking on their part is that they are going to screen at barricades on the entrances to the street.

    And Memphis is the second most dangerous city in the country according to the latest FBI statistics.

    A new motto for Memphis: "We try harder (to be less safe)."
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    As far as I can tell, there's nothing on the books designating any portion of Beale St. as private, and the state preemption law would seem to apply even in the Beale Street National Historical District, and it doesn't appear that the Beale Street Management Association has any special legislative authority. I think the Memphis City Council is actively encouraging all restaurants to ban guns from their premises in defiance of the new law. They may want to let barriers and metal detectors go up on Beale St., but until they make it private property, I don't see how they could win against a challenge.

    ETA: I was born and raised in Memphis. It's changed alot :(
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    Sorry I have come to this thread so late but I have been away from the internet for a little while.

    Here is my take on this: So what? Beal Street is a big bunch of nothing. It isn't worth the time and hassle to drive down to downtown Memphis and then search for parking and walk to the stupid street just to see a bunch of crappy little bars all in one place. The one truly redeeming thing that used to be on Beal Street, the Memphis Police Museum, has not been moved from the building that was the very first Memphis Police Precinct into the Court House. Now there is really NOTHING worth going and seeing. It a crap hole. A tourist trap and not a very good one.

    But, beyond that, it was my understanding, perhaps wrongly, that Beal was always considered a bar. The whole street that is. It is a conglomeration of crappy bars that united and formed their own association and are run collectively, at least PR-wise, as one entity. So I always thought it was a no weapons zone. Another reason not to go and spend any of our hard earned money there.

    I live out in the County for a very good reason. There is not one single redeeming quality about the city of Memphis. I wouldn't buy the place for a bucket of warm spit. Let them run off even more customers.
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    It's a 4th rate Bourbon St wannabe anyway. I was there once during the day getting a hat from a hat shop. Didn't see anything that would make me want to go back.
    The Memphis City Council, esp Harold Collins and Janice Fulliliquoranddrugs...I mean Fullilove are spearheading the anti nonsense. I'm not a constituent but I bug them every chance I get anyway. The ban on guns in parks despite the change in state law really bothers me.Sneaky and low down.

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    Personal Observation #1: I spend a lot of time in Memphis. You need a gun when you are in Memphis. Any part of Memphis. Especially downtown.

    Personal Observation #2: This idea is beyond stupid.

    Personal Observation #3: As has been pointed out, I don't see how you can "post" a public street. I don't think it will survive the first legal challenge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CPTMO View Post
    "If people are going to come down here and party and drink I think it would be too easy to get mad and fire a gun at somebody," said a Colorado tourist.
    I wonder if anyone told this tourist that it is legal to carry in a bar in his own home state.

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