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Was I being irresponsible?

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Thread: Was I being irresponsible?

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    Also I would believe it a better practice anyway to remove the entire holster, thus keep the trigger protected as well.

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    Uh, my gun is in it's holster... either on me or on the table next to me. If someone reached for it, I don't care what the reason is.... they may be visiting a hospital with broken fingers & / or wrist.

    Ya don't touch my gun for any reason.

    I don't think you did a thing wrong as long as you had it in a holster. I think your friend should be better educated about handling anyone else's gun without their permission.... especially if it's loaded (& all guns are loaded).

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    Your house, your gun, your rules. He should never have picked up the gun without asking and receiving your permission. Your only irresponsibility was having the gun too far away from you without knowing your friend would pull a stunt like that. Now you know he can't be trusted with your guns.

    Me, after he pulled that stunt, I would have sucker punched him and said, "Didn't see that coming, did you? That's why the gun is loaded. You never know when bad things are going to happen."

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    I probably wouldnt have gotten mad over him picking up my gun but I would have made some sort of snarky comment about his self righteousness...
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    sorry but you pooked the pooch on that one.
    in your holster or in your safe. that is where it should be with others in your home.
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    I'm going with partially-irresponsible. Like others say, you should have better control over your firearm, but it's your home and he needs to learn some respect.

    Your friend was in the wrong 100% for grabbing your firearm. Do you exhibit that sort of behavior at his home? Probably not. Maybe ban him from your home for a while so he gets the message.

    On the funny side, perhaps you needed to carry a back up gun and when he grabbed yours, you hold him at gunpoint until he puts it back down!!! J/K but it certainly would hammer home the point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SubNine View Post
    Him "Don't you know gun safety, when you're not using your guns, they should be unloaded, are you expecting a home invasion?"
    Um, who "expects" a home invasion?
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    My thoughts are that you should not of even given him the chance to touch it. Once you put it on the couch it was not 100% in your control. Friend or not, in the end you are responsible for your gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by randy7601 View Post
    Um, who "expects" a home invasion?
    You know about that day??? IT is on the calendar,.... Says,. "HOME INVASION TODAY".... Bold letters,.. That is the only day you need to carry when your home.. Any other day it is illegal for the BG's to come in your house and invade you..

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    Quote Originally Posted by SubNine View Post
    I'll never be placing my gun on the couch again when I have company over. The couch was not even two feet away from me, and I could easily get to the gun from where I was sitting.

    In a way I do feel I was irresponsible, but at the same time he had no business touching it. He had the gun and I didn't, that is probably why I didn't say anything. I also probably won't let him in my house anymore.
    IMO it was irresponsible for you to have your gun where he COULD get it. I have to agree with retsup on having it on you when you have guest and if your friendship with him is so tenuous as to stop being friends over this then he surely should not have had access. Any friend of mine who may have a gun on him I don't mind saying whatever is on my mind. Just my $0.02
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    Quote Originally Posted by highoctane View Post
    I wouldnt have laid it on the couch with him there. He shouldnt have picked it up witout asking... Some things you just dont do. .

    I think I'd remind my friend that while he is in YOUR house YOU set the rules. If he's uncomfortable with that, maybe you two need to have a serious talk about it. You could also point out to him that nobody should EVER handle another individuals personal property (in his case removing your pistols magazine from an unfamiliar weapon) without the permission of the owner. Ask him how he'd feel if you visited his house and found his empty car unlocked in the driveway with the engine running while he was out opening the garage door. On noticing the empty car, you decide to remove the keys and lock the cars doors because it's unsafe to leave an unattended, unlocked vehicle with the keys in the ignition where ANYONE has access to it. Are you being a friend or sticking your nose into something that's not your concern?

    OTOH, when you have visitors at your home I'd STRONGLY recommend you keep your pistol out of sight, either locked away or on your person. Your home or not, it's never a good idea to leave any weapon sitting around in the open - even if it's "only" a foot away - when there's company in the house. Without thinking you could unintentionally do it where someone other than yourself - like your friend, if you want the perfect example - could pick it up it. If this same incident should ever happen again, the next person who grabs your weapon before you can might not be a "safety minded" as your friend was. Actually, whether he was in the wrong for doing it or not, the simple fact that he was able to grab your pistol and unload it should tell you that you broke one of the MAJOR rules of gun safety... you weren't in control of your weapon at all times.
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    Aitsu83, you're definitely in the minority here. Most of us have our handguns ready to use. Yes, we can lock them up as needed. I keep several of my guns in various specialty concealment items- cut out books, a clock made to conceal a gun, etc. That way, one can be near me wherever I go, and the likelihood of one being seen by a visitor is extremely low. I do not have children, and no one brings a child with them to visit (not unwelcome, just as it is). Should any children be in the house, further measures would be taken. But I agree with Chiller 2. Do you carry without one in the chamber? I'm sorry, maybe you're just very good, but racking the slide does take an extra second, which can make the difference between telling us the story here, or having another memorial section!

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    Subnine, I'm sorry to say, Yes, IMO you were irresponsible in leaving your weapon out. I leave weapons in several places in my house, but I live alone, and people SELDOM come over.

    His point was that it's not responsible for your gun to be just laying around if a child or idiot happens to be closeby.

    Yes he was knowledgeable enough to unload it, but to my mind an anti gunner with a little firearm knowledge is still on a par with children and idiots.

    There are just a few people I would trust with my loaded gun in their hands, and they have the good manners and good sense not to or get grabby with my firearms, uninvited.

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    Sounds like gun abuse to me, on your friends part. Do you let them change the radio station when youre driving too?!

    The only irresponsible thing here, in my opinion of course, would be that you let your friend touch your fire arm without unloading it your self first. Lesson learned. Next time your friend shoots himself with your gun that was laying peacefully by your side, then you can feel irresponsible
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    Quote Originally Posted by Faitmaker View Post
    I would have reamed his ass for touching my pistol though. If anything he showed you just how unsafe you were being by being that stupid.
    I'm guessing the friend would have a problem if you went into his house, and put your hands all over his wife. Somethings, you just don't go touching without permission...

    Yeah, pet the guy's dog, but keep your f^&*ing hands off his gun.
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